Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goal revisited: One Year Later

Do you remember this post?? I had some goals to read before I turned 30. Here they are:

1. Lose 15-20 pounds. I'd like to start my 30's off on a good note. I dont think I could handle a double whammy.
2. Edit current MS and write another book
3. Find a part time job
4. Take the kids to Disney and pay CASH (why I listed #3!)
5. Crack down on our budget so we can save for retirement. If we actually have retirement money, I might look forward to it a little more!
6. Start an IRA for myself and contribute the maximum amount
7. do something totally wild and crazy (by my standards)
8. Create an author website.
9. Find friends who GET me. No fluff. I want the down and dirty, what you see is what you get kinda friends.
10. Make a long-term plan for my life that I can be excited about.

So, one year later, here is the update.

1. SOMEWHAT DONE: I lost the 15-20 Overall, I lost about 30 pounds. Unfortunately, I'm only 10 pounds less than when I wrote last years post. :o/ But, I guess 10 pounds is 10 pounds, right?
2. DONE: Edited current MS and wrote another book entitled Lucky for Her.
3. DONE: Found a part time job. I'm now a freelance editor and work from home. Money isn't half bad.
4. SOMEWHAT DONE: Took the kids to Disney. Unfortunately, we didn't pay cash. Grrr.
5. BUSTED: Did not crack down on budget.
6. BUSTED: Did not start an IRA, nor did I contribute the maximum amount.
7. BUSTED: Did not do something wild and crazy. Oh well. I might not have lived to see 30 if I had.
8. DONE: I now have an author website:
9. DONE: Found a friend who gets me. She's wonderful!
10. DONE: Made a long term plan for my life and career and I'm definitely excited. I'm hoping to have more details soon!

So I completed 7 out of my 10 goals. On top of that, one of my personal goals was to get one book published before I was 30. I'm happy to report that as of yesterday, I signed my THIRD contract for one of my books. Still won't be able to find me on the shelf in Barnes and Noble, but that's another goal for another year. ;o) Overall, I can say I'm happy entering my 30s. I'll need to think about my goals for the following year and do another post soon. In the meantime, pray I make it to Sunday, which is my actual birthday.

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Krystyn said...

I'd say that's pretty darn good! And, the fact that you actually wrote the goals down and most of them happened? Awesome.

I can't wait to read books #2 and #3!