Monday, November 26, 2007

Wow, what an eventful month!

First off, I failed miserably on the nanowrimo.  I can't even begin to catch up on it now.  I did soooo good EVERY DAY meeting my 1667 word count, then a monkey wrench got thrown into plans three weeks ago.

First off, Punky caught a stomach bug.  Not just any ole bug, it was the super-duper stomach bug of all stomach bugs.  She threw up on and off for 8 days and didn't get back to herself until about a week ago.  They originally thought it was rotavirus, but she tested negative for that.  For two weeks my poor baby didn't have much energy or life in her.  She wound up being hospitalized the week before Thanksgiving for 24 hours to be given some IV fluids.  Just when I think we're back to normal, she wakes up again last night at 12:15 throwing up again and continues to do so until around 2, then woke up again at 4.  She's still sleeping now but I'm hoping this stomach bug is of the normal variety and only last 24 hours.  I don't think her poor little self can take much more of this.

Then Chicken came down with it.  Luckily, his wasn't nearly as bad.  He threw up twice in two days then had diarrhea for another two then was done.  He's been his happy little self ever since.  I pray he doesn't get sick this go around.

Then Thanksgiving came along (why have a nanowrimo during thanksgiving?!) and we had family in town from Wednesday until Sunday.  Not a lot of writing going on in between trips to the in laws house for everyone to see the kids. 

And the biggest news of the month?  We just found out number 3 is on the way.  Yes, you read that right, I'm having my third kid in three years.  Birth control apparently isn't very reliable these days...or I'm one of those lucky few who fall into the .01% who get pregnant without missing a pill or doing anything differently.  It was the mini-pill, I hear those have a higher failure rate, but the mere fact that I'm pregnant and the pamphlet said 99.9% effective when taken correctly leads me to believe that I shouldn't be falling into the .01%...but those of you who know me know how wonderful my luck is these days... #3 is due July 24, 2008.  After this its the ole snip snip for Hubby for sure.  I haven't been wrong yet and I feel like this one is a girl, so hopefully we'll have our perfect family, two girls and a boy.  Hubby suggested Adelaide for a girls name.  I like it but I don't.  I don't know.  We'll see when we know for sure.  I told him this time I would like to have a few picked out to take to the hospital so we can actually fit the name to the baby.  I had a dream that Chicken was an Isaac and he still doesn't look like his name to me, but that's probably because its my father in law's name and I only associate his name with a beard and male pattern baldness.  Either way, God had bigger plans for us than we did.  I entertained the notion of having three, but I was just beginning to accept two was going to be good, too, since Hubby REALLY didn't want three.  But we're happy even though it's much more than we bargained for.  Hubby and I are teasing that after three years of infertility, God must have been a little backlogged with answering prayers!  ;o)

And we also found out some close friends of ours are pregnant, too.  Her due date is only 2 days after mine, so I'm excited we'll be going through this together!

So now if I can get my kids well, stay well myself, keep morning sickness under control and somehow manage to stay sane in the midst of all this, I think I'll be doing good!

The good news is, i'm mostly done decorating for Christmas!  ;o)


Angela said...

God bless you, woman!!

That's all I can add! ;)

(P.S. Angela's a great name for a girl- and I know it's a family name for you!!)

Bryan said...

How about Cherangela? That'd make both grannies happy dont you think?

Jennifer Shirk said...

I really like the name Adelaide. Pretty. Old-fashioned (which is "in") and you don't hear it often.
Congrats again!

Oh, that stomach bug is the WORST. Glad you survived. :)