Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hope this finds everyone in a cheerful, giving mood.  I'm excited because I actually finished up all my Christmas shopping last night.  Of course there are a few things, like candy for Punky's stocking and Hubby's gift, but if nothing else gets done this year, it won't be the end of the world.  Hubby wouldn't mind if his was late, and while that's not my plan and a simple click on amazon.com will complete his gift so I'm in no hurry today.  Tomorrow maybe, but not today.  No, I'm chillin' today.

BOTH my kids are still getting their first round of teeth.  Punky has 2 of her cuspids to go and one is about to come through.  I've heard these are the worst to come through and she's proving that theory right.  She's been waking up at 6:30 every morning (as opposed to her normal 7:30 or 8) and Chicken is waking up around the same time.  I keep looking and while I keep thinking I see something, he's still a toothless baby.  That's why I'm chillin' today.  I'm hormonal with this pregnancy and find that the littlest things just set me off royally.  And when you've literally got two kids screaming (I'm not exaggerating) at the same time every day pretty much all day long when they're not sleeping your patience WILL run thin, no matter how saintly you are.

Now I still maintain that having two is much easier than people will admit.  Everyone told me horror stories and had me convinced having two was the worst thing I could have ever done, but I realized very quickly if you're disciplined with their schedule and keep their world predictable -- as a result your world becomes predictable and you have (in general) very happy children.  So on days when they're teething, yes it's rough but it mostly the pregnancy talking.  With both Punky and Chicken I was pretty laid back and felt pretty good after the first trimester, but with this one, I'm feeling pretty green all day and irritable and ready to just scream.  Nothing but me has changed in the whole equation, so I know it's me.  It's frustrating but I'm trying to remember when Punky bursts into tears when she doesn't get her way I'm NOT overreacting when I spank her.  That's the hardest part in all this is to try to figure out what's hormones and what's real rebellion with the kiddos.

Anyway, I better go, Chicken has learned to crawl and he's disappeared into the laundry room and is crying because he can't find his way out.  HA!

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Ugh. You're done Christmas shopping? **sigh** I need to get on the ball.