Monday, October 15, 2007

Hope for Chicken

Ok, there's a light at the end of the tunnel for Chicken's situation. We're headed to a different plastic surgeon on Friday for a second opinion...well technically a first one since the doc at Vandy didn't really say or do anything other than tell us about insurance and then send us on our way. I got in a verbal war with his assistant who deals with all the insurance stuff and she flat out refuses to file our insurance...and that's after I called my insurance and they said they would pay. She said Dr. Kevin Kelly needed his money up front. Whaaaa? You're kidding me right? Like a doc, a pediatric plastic surgeon doc at that, who is probably making in the neighborhood of $600-1000 an hour needs his money up front? The lamos. I couldn't believe it. I told her we weren't coming back and she could throw away our file. I needed an office who was going to work with me not against me.

So I've been in contact with the Birmingham office last week and some of today and they're being much nicer than the Vandy office ever was. I don't know if they file insurance...if they don't I'm going to pretty much assume that no one does since it's in two different states. We're prepared to pay the 3K up front, but it's not going to be fun. But Chicken is my concern and I'll do what it takes to make him look normal. Insurance companies stink...have I mentioned that?

Let's Monday was definitely that...a Monday. I had to call poison control today for Punky. I normally put my purse on the counter when I walk in and because she was sleeping and I was carrying her inside earlier today from lunch, I threw it in the floor and forgot about it. Well, Punky got really quiet and I found her in the kitchen with my hand sanitizer and lid flipped open. I didn't think she had ingested much if at all, but I wasn't taking any chances after all those forward emails I get about how a drop can make them drunk. Well, here's some facts for you people...The NATIONAL POISON CONTROL CENTER told me even a 20 month mouthful is typically harmless. She told me to watch her and make sure she didn't get sleepy and if she did to go to the ER. She was fine. I gave her a snack and some milk like they recommended and she never acted any different, so I figured she didn't get any. Needless to say, I threw out every bottle of sanitizer in our possession.

Shortly thereafter, I was giving Punky a bath and Chicken was sitting in the hallway on his blanket playing like he normally does. I usually check to make sure he's far enough away from the wall if he falls backward so he won't hit his head. I didn't this time...wouldn't it figure? He fell backward and hit his head on the baseboard. As soon as I picked up my little crying Chicken, I felt the goose egg. I panicked and called every friend (ok, the only TWO I have locally) that has children and made sure I wasn't supposed to, like, do CPR or something. ;o) No, seriously, believe it or not Punky has never had a goose egg like that as clumsy as she is. All my friends assured me he was probably going to be ok but to make sure he wasn't abnormally sleepy or throwing up. Now, I'm just praying the goose egg goes away before he has to get fitted for a helmet!!! He can't have a knot where he doesn't normally have one!

HA! So what a day it was for me! On the bright side, the kids got up early this morning so they went to bed early. Hubby's at our church's business meeting so I've got the entire evening to myself....Me and Peter Patrelli from Heroes on a Monday night....sigghhhhh....


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Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow. Insurance companies DO stink. I had to get some dental work done and out of the some $900 amount of work, they paid about $46. Where did they get a number like that? And what's the point? The dentist called them and they couldn't even give him a decent explanation!

Those were quite some scares with the little ones. Glad everyone is OK. :)