Monday, October 1, 2007

And I came tumbling after...

Wow, it was an eventful weekend, half of which I can't write about because I'm just to frustrated!

Saturday, Hubby made Play-Doh with Punky and then we took them to the park at the military base here in town. It wasn't crowded like the other parks and it was a nice little toddler playgroud. Apparently they don't spend much on the landscaping. Half way there I fell in to a calf-deep hole (while holding Chicken) and took a plunge to the ground. Luckily Chicken was fine albeit a little stunned. But he found my oooooohing from pain quite entertaining. The turkey.

So all night Saturday my ankle was hurting as was my arm because I somehow managed to pull muscled there, too. Oh well. That'll teach me to look where I'm going now, won't it?!

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Oooh, so sorry that happened.

Hope you heal quickly.