Thursday, March 26, 2009


This week has been a busy one. I started out taking food to two family's on Monday - one who had a baby, the other who had surgery. I didn't necessarily plan it that way, but it worked out just fine. I didn't mean to forget their salad's either, but I did. At least we enjoyed it on Tuesday night, when I had Hubby's family over. Last night was church and workout afterwards. Tonight, I have to get my nails done (priorities, people!) and get a few groceries and a prescription.

Speaking of that prescription, I'm so happy I got it. Let me explain.

For a month now, I've been working out for at least 3 days a week. One week I only did it once, but it's still WAY more than I was doing. I'm watching what I eat (although Hubby will indisputably prove - with photographic evidence no doubt-the empty wrappers of easter candy. But still, I haven't been eating WORSE than I normally do, and in fact am averaging about 1500 calories a day before my workouts.

I've lost ZERO pounds. Those two pounds I thought I lost was apparently due to the antibiotics I was taking and the...ahem, effects they have on me. So when I realized that I not only haven't LOST, I have in fact GAINED, I knew it wasn't necessarily me (although I admit to eating the cadbury eggs, OK!?).

My OB put me on insulin medication when I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 8 years ago. It was my miracle drug. I stopped gaining weight (was able to lose, too), all my other problems went away and everything just sort of leveled out and I felt human. I was so grateful for it. After Cupcake was born, he reduced my dose from 3 to 1 pill a day. Slowly, everything has started coming back. EVERYTHING (including the unexplained weight gain). I felt like a huge cloud was over my head because I wasn't listening when my gut told me I needed to continue taking it. I finally called yesterday to see if we could up it again to at least 2, and he went ahead and put me back on 3. I'm so happy. Seriously. I've been on cloud nine all day today.

Now, if I don't start losing weight, I really will know it's the Cadbury eggs!

Sorry, I know this is a boring post, but I'm celebrating today!


Krystyn said...

Yay for working out (I so need to get back on that bandwagon)!

And, I sure hope your "miracle meds" help out.

Mandy said...

Good job working out!!! You could stop eating the cadbury eggs by giving them to me, you know, for safe keeping. ;)