Monday, April 6, 2009

Rock on!

Tonight at dinner, Punky, Chicken and I were all watching TV (I know, I'm a horrible mother, but at least we were all at the same table...the TV just happened to be in sight.). A picture of our president came on and I heard Punky saying, "Barrrack Obaaaama." I instantly get tickled...mainly because I've only taught the kid who he was ONCE (and only once...I'm hoping his name will be all she remembers!). I said, "What did you say, Punky?"

She gets all shy on me and refuses to say it again.

I urge her to tell me.

She looks at me with a grin and says:

Can you teach Chicken how to say Rocker Bama?

1 comment:

Krystyn said...

Isabelle does this, too! It's adorable!