Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Ways I've Experienced True Fear

1…. Looking into my baby girls eyes for the first time and knowing it was up to me to raise her to be a lady.

2....Looking into my baby boys eyes for the first time and fearing I will somehow make him gay.

3....Looking into my husband's eyes and saying I do.

4....Getting my first return mail from an agent and fearing she would request more.

5....Having my house a total disaster 2 hours before multiple dinner guests were arriving and knowing they'll see what a good housewife I REALLY am!

6....Signing my name at the bottom of the legal closing papers for our new house.

7....Opening up to anyone and letting them see who I really am.

8....Watching a mouse scurry past my bare feet in the garage.

9....Watching my husband play with the snake after said rat in the garage the next morning.

10...Going camping and being awakened by something chewing outside my tent (still too scared to know what that REALLY was)

11....Watching the Blair Witch Project. (I think it's stupid now, but I was so scared I cried when I watched it for the first time)

12...Quitting my job and letting Hubby take sole responsibility for keeping a roof over our heads (which he's doing a wonderful job at!)

And something I just experienced two weekends ago...

13....Riding under a huge flock of birds in my convertible with the top down.

Ok, so I've lived a boring life.... :oD

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1 comment:

Jennifer Shirk said...

Doesn't sound boring!

A lot of those things ARE scary!