Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kiddo and moving update

So we're in the throws of packing now...er, rather I'M the one in the throws of packing.  Because of our vacation next week, Hubby is having to work a lot of overtime to build up his leave so we can go.  My mother in law and twin sister in laws came over to help me tonight and we got the master closet packed up.  Once the kitchen is done, I can say we're about 90% finished.  I'm ready to get this move underway and OVER.

Starting tomorrow, things are going to get very hectic.  We do have to finish up packing, I have to start packing for the untimely, yet NEEDED vacation and somehow manage to stay sane.  That, my dear friends, is probably going to be the biggest challenge.  Braxton hicks are picking up like crazy and I know it's from the stress.  I'm starting to not sleep well from everything that's going on, plus the little princess is starting to get rather vigorous in her exercising at 3 am.  It's a wonderful feeling to feel her moving inside of me, but I'd much rather be feeling it at...say 7 am instead.  

Punky is getting excited about our trip.  One of our stops is going to be an aquarium and all she can talk about is the "fishies."  And Grandma told her who all was going so she likes to name them.  I also have arranged for my mother to make her some dress up clothes, the first piece being a tutu.  So this morning when I went in to get her, she said, "Nana bring Punky tutu?"  I assured that yes, Nana would indeed bring her a tutu, but she had to wait.  Patience is certainly not my two year old's strong point.

Chicken is improving by leaps and bounds.  I barely know he's in the house now.  It makes me feel bad because I wonder how long he's actually been sick, aside from the cough.  He's been snotty going on four weeks, but he's been crankier much longer than that.  Now, with the antibiotics, he's been happy as a clam and back to the sweet, adorable Chicken and using that smile of his against me.  I'm telling you, he can get away with murder if he flashes me that, "you can't touch this" grin while he cuts his eyes around at me.  The little devil.  He's also walking great now with very few falls.  He gets frustrated when he does fall, but he can get back up from the ground without pulling up on anything, so he makes quick work of getting where he wants to go.  He's trying to learn how to run, so that's his next challenge.

The best part?  Now that he's better, he's back to putting himself to sleep, sleeping 12-13 hours at night and taking wonderful, long naps.  Now, if Punky would get her two year molars in, we might just be getting somewhere...that is until July and we start the whole process over.  The good thing is none of my kids get teeth until after 10 months (Chicken will be 13 months in 2 weeks and still doesn't have a single one), so I don't have to worry about teething for awhile with the little princess!

I don't know how much posting I'll be doing over the next two weeks with vacation and moving, but I'll try to do a quick update here and there, just for the memories if nothing else.  Our vacation will be the first one we have as a family of four, so it's going to be lots of fun with a even more chaos thrown in!


Anonymous said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation! Good luck with the packing. The good news is it will all be over and you'll be settled in to your new house in a few short weeks.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Have a great time!! And I pray you all stay healthy! :)