Monday, August 18, 2008

Bears on the loose

So hubby had to cut his backpacking trip short.  Apparently park rangers were advising people to go home.  Several shelters Hubby was staying in were closed and they were going to have to be rerouted or go home.  Bears were attacking the shelters, tearing off the tin roofs and reaching in to get food.  The Park Ranger told Hubby that he'd never seen them so aggressive like this.  There had been two attacks in the last week.  So hubby and his two hiking partners rode in the back of a Prius with their 50 lb backpacks in order to get back to their car.  I don't know why I find this so funny.

We're still having trouble with Punky and the potty training.  She just pooped in her diaper and I told her that I would buy her a bunny (we just went to a local petting zoo and she fell in love) if she would start using the potty all the time.  She was crying and whining and I said, "Mommy will buy you a bunny if you use the potty.  Big girls use the potty."

To which she replied in tears, "Babies use the potty, too!"

I guess reverse psychology doesn't work, either.

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