Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yeah, I was just kidding...sort of.

Weight watchers had to be postponed.  We still have family in town until next Tuesday, Hubby is on his hiking trip until then and we've eaten out almost every night.  I had planned on joining yesterday, but we had Five Guys (burger place) for lunch and Mexican for dinner.  Not exactly the greatest start to a new lifestyle, huh?  So I made the difficult decision to hold off until next Friday to join.  Maybe it'll motivate me even more with a week of bad eating behind me.

Got a call from the "Great Smoky Mountains" yesterday.  The lady identified herself and said she was trying to get in touch with Hubby.  One of the shelters they were planning on staying in on their hiking trip was closed.  Ok, was this before or after they checked in and left and if before, why did they not tell him when he was there?  Closed as in full for the night or closed closed?  The bad part?  Hubby and his two hiking partners are totally out of touch.  My sister in law (who's staying with me this week) and I text messaged them, tried calling them, everything.  Wednesday night was the last time we were in touch with them and they were about to lose service then.  Kinda scary when people are getting attacked by bears up there already this past week.  Oh well, maybe it'll make for a good blog when he gets back, right?


Jennifer Shirk said...

Hope the hubby is ok. I'd be kinda worried too.

(I LOVE Five Guys burgers)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he's fine, but maybe he'll think twice before he leaves you with 3 kids and goes away to where there is no cell service. Next time you get the time off right?