Friday, August 8, 2008

Little Helper

Apparently Punky is in rare form these days.  Hubby's hosting a diaper shower for a guy friend of his from church tomorrow night at our house and I told Punky today we had to clean all day.  She took me very seriously.  She immediately went to get the disinfecting wipes and went to the bathroom after I handed her one and wiped down the rim of the tub for me.

Family brought in a HUGE bag of cute clothes for New Baby that Punky found and strategically hung all about my bedroom after that. We're talking on the hardware on the dresser, on the pack and play, everywhere.  But hey, that's her little way of helping, so I didn't stop her.  Yes, it's more mess for me to clean up, but she's trying to help and it's ridiculously cute when she stands there with her little chest puffed, proudly exclaiming, "I hung up the clothes for you, Mommy!"  

Then I found this (pay attention to the bottom of the picture):

She apparently thought New Baby needed to be fed since she was crying.  She got in the utensil drawer and the pantry (even though that's off limits) and got this out for me.  

Days like this melt my heart.  She's turning into such a big girl!


DanielB said...

I believe we may be hearing about this in our bible class from grandpa :-)


Mandy said...

She is so cute and sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Mommy's little helper. That is so sweet!

OHmommy said...

Oh, for crying out loud, that is soooo sweet.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I love that! She is so sweet! :)