Sunday, August 31, 2008

My sweet, sweet Muse

It's amazing when my muse comes to visit.  Most of you know I love to write.  I'm a romance writer and have been since somewhere in the vicinity of the 7th grade.  It's my passion (excuse the pun), it's my hobby and it's my release.  Now whether I'm actually good at it or not...well, I can't rightly say.  I'm not BAD at it...but I wouldn't say good either.

My muse is a force to be reckoned with.  She likes to travel frequently.  Apparently small children ain't her thing.  It cramps her style.  But lately, she's been bored of travel and has come home for a visit and has left me with far too few hours in the day to get out all that she's wanting to say.  In the last three days I've written 22 pages of pure gold.  When she's home, I'm unstoppable and it's these little sessions with her that leaves me with my best writing.  As I mentioned last week, if I walk away from something after she heads out for some travel because it's not "flowing" I come back and reread it later and can't believe I actually wrote it.  Sometimes there are words in there I forgot I knew or phrases that sounds so eloquent I've actually accused Hubby of editing my work.  I began writing thinking all this business about muses' was hype, but I'm a believer now and she earns a spot in my household, flighty and unreliable as she may be.  So let's pray she sticks around for awhile.  I need to finish this book I'm working on.  I'd love to actually finish one!

Let's also pray for those in the hurricane's path.  I'm sure it's pandemonium around New Orleans right now and hopefully all the evacuations have been successful.  And I also hope all of you have a great Labor Day.  

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