Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sour much?

It's no secret, I don't allow my kids to be picky eaters.  It's as simple as that.  They eat a reasonable amount of food on their plate (I don't make them clean it, I don't think that's healthy, either), but they either eat their veggies, throw up, or go to bed hungry.  I was never made to eat when I was little and my kids won't be unhealthy.

It's also not a secret that I waited as long as possible to start Cupcake on solids.  I don't know why it's such a burden to me to feed them solids, but it is.  I guess it's just one more thing on my endless to-do list that must get done.  I've started seeing signs that Cupcake was ready for solids and hungry even after formula, so I bit the bullet this morning and decided to start her on pears.  I've started all of my kiddos on pears.  Punky loved them, Chicken hated them and threw up for a week every time I gave them to him, and Cupcake...well the above picture pretty much speaks for itself.  She wasn't a fan.

And she promptly threw up right after this picture was taken.


Kimmylyn said...

That picture is priceless!! She is just tooo pretty with that beautiful hair!! Love the color!

Krystyn said...

Ahhh...the peas. Those were Izzy's LEAST favorite, ever.

Cute, picture though.

Merry Christmas!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

You can just see the "ew" in her eyes. lol

Jennifer Shirk said...


I think we're twins separated at birth. Our parenting styles are so similar. :)

Mandy said...

She's a cutie patootie!!!

Anonymous said...

Better luck next time with the solids. Have a great Chrsitmas!!