Monday, December 22, 2008

Time waits for no one

I'm pretty much healed from my surgery.  My incisions are still sore so it hurts to lift my rather large children, but as the title says...time waits for no one.  Today was hubby's first day back to work since my surgery.  I had to hit the ground running.  I woke up at 7 and folded a weeks worth of laundry.  I fed my kiddos.  I did dishes.  I'm doing more laundry.  I still have to squeeze in some Christmas crafts with the kids because after tomorrow, we're going to have three days of Christmas celebrations with our families.  The 24th and 25th with Hubby's family, and the 26th with my family.

*Sigh*  Punky is getting so big and has an even bigger heart.  She found out accidentally that my favorite thing in the world is to have someone brush my hair, so every night since my surgery, she has gotten her brush after her bath and stood behind me on the couch and brushed my hair.  Occasionally, she'll lean around and smile at me and say, "Does this make you feel all better, Mommy?"  The hair brushing goes a long way, sweetheart, but that smile of yours makes Mommy's boo boo's all better.

Chicken is obsessed with looking at my bandaged stomach.  He loves to grab my shirt and pull it up and exclaim loudly, "BAH BOO!" (roughly translated to boo boo).  He's not big on physical affection but there's nothing in the world that compares to the moment I walk into a room and he yells, "Mommy!" and comes running to me to hug my knees.  The day will come I will want to change my name, but right now, I cherish his sweet declarations and know that time is fleeting.  Before I know it, another woman will replace me and his trademark smile won't be here every day, lighting up the room.

Cupcake is growing by leaps and bounds.  She's only perfected rolling from her stomach to her back but she wants to do so much more.  We got her a bumbo seat for Christmas and I know she's going to love sitting up like her brother and sister.  She's such a mama's girl and can only tolerate Daddy and others in short increments before she wants me again.  I'm ok with that as long as she stays little a little longer.  Just this morning when I was burping her, she laid her little (ok, big) head on my shoulder and snuggled with me.  Her fuzzy hair tickled my cheek and when she raised up to look at me, she smiled that innocent baby smile - the purest form of happiness on earth.

Punky is most excited about Christmas.  She's spotted her wrapped presents and will gently touch them and look up at me, "What's under there, Mommy?"  I grin because I know Christmas is going to be wonderful for her this year because she finally gets it.  She's gotten everything she wanted on her list so far except moon sand and I'm not budging an inch on that one.  I don't think Chicken understands the anticipation of christmas this year, but I know when he gets to open his gifts, he's going to be in heaven.  

So, merry christmas to you!  May each of you get everything you wanted and spend these special times with family and friends!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are feeling so much better. Children are such a blessing!!! I can't wait to see you guys. Maybe after the holidays we can come to visit for a play date. First, we have to survive the holidays and the move over New Year's.

Krystyn said...

Merry Christmas to you guys!

And, Merry Christmas to your growing kiddos.