Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What I learned in 2008

10.  I can deliver my third child in as many years (who, last year, made the list for my accomplishment in being the 0.01% of women who get pregnant on birth control).

9.  I can lose weight (gaining it back doesn't count now, see my last post!).

8.  I can become a part of something, namely the Passionate Critter's online critique group.  This above all else has motivated more than anything has in years to become what I've always dreamed of - a writer.  You're awesome, girls!

7.  I can stay mostly sane while raising three kids under three...well, a little anyway.

6.  I can move into a new house while 7 months pregnant.  It gave a whole new meaning to nesting!

5.  I can fall even more in love with Hubby.  I love to see him smile.

4.  I won't die if I puke.  My brain still thinks I can but last week proved that's not always the case.

3.  I can live without a gallbladder.

2.  I have an amazing network of friends and family who, despite my protests and contradictions love me.  Maybe just part of me, but they love me nonetheless.

1.  I have, quite simply, a great life.


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Krystyn said...

Happy New Year! I think I've learned some things about you (and myself, too)!