Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Years Old

My dearest Chicken on your 2nd birthday:

I know one day you'll be older reading this thinking, "Aww, Mom, do you hafta get all mushy on me like this?"  Well, son, yes.  I do.

The truth is, the second I saw you, I fell in love.  You were God's special gift to us for a totally different reason than Punky was.  With Punky, it took us 3 years to get her.  But God decided to give us to you with no worries, no tears and no struggle.  I bonded with you from the delivery room.  I'll never forget your big newborn eyes looking up at me as you nursed.  It's one of the most special moments as a mother I will always cherish.

Then, you grew into a baby, and a chubby baby at that.  You were so rotund, people couldn't help but smile at you.  You were a mama's boy at first and always had a special smile for me.  I LOVED seeing you smile and eventually hearing your laugh.  You weren't in any hurry to talk, but you made up for it physically.  You walked at 11 months and haven't stopped going strong ever since.  It was like having a little live-in Michelin baby walking around.  

As you grew into a toddler, I was amazed at your love for your eldest sister and now, your baby sister.  I thought you'd be really ticked off being sandwiched between two girls but you've taken it in stride and became an awesome big brother to Cupcake.  Not to mention you and Punky have a bond that I'm so proud of.  You are blessed to have siblings and I hope you always know that.

You also love your Daddy so very much.  Hearing your sweet voice call out, "DADDY!" when he comes home from work as you run to hug his knees fills me with a sense of pride that only you can give me.  And you do the same thing when I come home after being away.  There's nothing I want more in those moments than to hold you close and keep you my little boy just a little longer.

But sure, in the grand scheme of time, two isn't that big, right?  You're still little, but I know it will pass so quickly.  Sometimes I look at you and see the man that you will one day become.  Those baby blues will knock some girl off her feet.  I can tell you right now, Son, you will make me proud.  I see a tender heart in you, affection, and an adventurous side that will provide you with endless possibilities.

This year you learned to talk.  One day you were barely saying ten words and then the next you came up to me and said, "Mommy, Iunt bite too-tee." (I want a bite of cookie).  From that day forward you put more words together and I can tell you're finally getting the hang of it.  I'm learning your language and even though I still have to interpret a lot, you're getting clearer and clearer.  And even a little sly when you throw in a "Peeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssse!" when you don't get your way.

You also learned how to go potty.  You're not completely trained yet, but we're going to get there soon.  I think you learned by watching Punky for the most part so this year, we're going to work on that!

Son, there are many days you get overlooked, or put off because of your other siblings.  I truly know why people talk about the "middle child syndrome".  There will never be enough time in the day for me to tell you how much I love you as often as I want to, or how much you - my special and only son - hold a place in my heart.  I hope you never doubt that or feel inadequate.  I pray our relationship will grow and flower into a unbreakable bond.  I want you to always be able to talk to me, even if it's in your own language.

And I promise you, no matter what you say my heart will understand you.  Because you'll always be my little boy.

I love you,

P.S. To the circus we go on Saturday, in honor of your birthday!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Chicken!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Oh, happy birthday! What a wonderful post to write for your son!

Krystyn said...

Oh...happy birthday to one of the cutest little men, ever!

Mandy said...

Have a Happy Happy birthday!!!! It's your day!!! Tell Mommy you can have whatever you want today!!! :)-

DanielB said...


Stephanie said...

Awww! Happy Birthday to your precious little boy :) Ours are so close in age! Karys' birthday is this Sunday - she'll be 2 as well :)