Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling bummed...

I don't even know where to begin to be honest.  My days are filled with doctor visit after doctor visit right now and I feel like I have a Munchausen Syndrome only the diagnosis isn't psychosis.  If only it were that simple, I might actually be able to rest and relax in my mind.

The kids and I just got over RSV.  Cupcake tested positive for it and we've all had it.  The kids all had a horrible cough and cold and I had a bad cold.

I mentioned before I've been having UTI type symptoms, but the doctor can't find anything wrong.  So he ordered a catscan thinking maybe I have a kidney stone trapped in a tube.  Nope, but I do have an ovarian cyst.

So off I go to my OB today.  He says it wasn't as big as the urologist office portrayed it to be, did a pelvic, and sent me on my way.  But he did want me to have an overall ultrasound on my ovaries just to make sure everything looked ok.  That'll be Thursday.

But wait...we still haven't solved the UTI problem.  The doctors office, whom I haven't been very happy with FINALLY calls me back today and suggests a "cysto" (what is it with me and cysts?)  She pretended I knew what this was and kept talking but I finally had to ask.  Some sort of procedure they can do I'm guessing in office (since she told me to come in) and they thread a tube up in your bladder and look at your anatomy.  Good thing I had already scheduled another appointment with a different urologist for a second opinion.

The problem with this doctor is they're so busy they even have restaurant pagers to call you back to a room.  I'm nothing but a number.  He acts annoyed if I ask him a question about all this because you know he's got 50 other patients waiting in the lobby.  I'm pretty disgusted with them.  So I asked my OB today for a different referral.  When I called for an appointment, I was excited I got a real person on the phone who was actually nice.  That'll be on Friday.

Did I mention I'm still having bad heartburn since the gallbladder surgery and should probably go see the gastroenterologist again? (Because for crying out loud, I'm only 28, not 78!!!)

I mean seriously, after this, I'm done.  I don't care how bad I feel, how bad it gets, I'm done with the petty visits.  I'm just going to accept that I'm not ever going to feel good.  I'm tired of relying on family members to come watch my kids, because seriously, Mommy just doesn't get sick days the first 10 years on the job.  If things were a little easier, I'm sure it wouldn't be such a big deal.  But it's a pain in the butt (yes, I'm sure that'll get checked out next) to get everything done right now.  Not to mention somedays I want to think about something other than a stupid doctor and what I might have to undergo next.

And least people with Munchausen's ENJOY going to the doctor.  We can safely say I don't have that...although I might be a little psychotic after all is said and done!


Krystyn said...

Oh, Steph, I'm so sorry all of this is happening. You deserve to feel good and you should.

I hope the office helps you get to the bottom of things.

OHmommy said...

No, it does suck Stephanie. No one deserves it... it sucks.

And don't say that you will never feel good. I hope that you find a doctor that will help you feel good.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

So sorry you're going through all of that! I hope you find an answer soon and your problems are resolved.

Fionn J. said...

Oh, Stephanie, I'm sorry to hear that, and I wish there was something I could tell you that make you feel better. Maybe going out and soaking up some sun...?

Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers your way.

Stephanie said...

I cannot imagine goign through all of that. It seems so unfair for one person to endure all of that.

Hopefully you figure out soon what to do to fix it all!