Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm such a bad mother...

I don't even want to talk about what kind of day I had today. Wait, yes, I do.

Let's see. Cupcake has a terrible cold and cough, so my day started at 5:45. I finally got her back to sleep at 6:25 and fell back into bed. Chicken woke up at 7:20 ready to start his day.

I get him up and ask him what he'd like for breakfast. Yo yo! (Yogurt). He commences pointing to the table and a regular seat indicating I should put it there. "No, you have to eat it in your high chair, you'll make a mess for Mommy to clean up at the table." I pick him up and start to put him in his high chair. He bucks against me, bends his legs and refuses to sit down. I warn him about the consequences of his behavior but he cries and says, NO! "Do you want yogurt or not?" Yeah. "Then you have to get in your high chair. No! Since he was up an hour and a half early, I take him back to bed. "You have to lay back down, Chicken. You're still tired and until you're ready to obey Mommy, you have to stay in here." (Please note I'm not a believer in time out, I really was trying to get him to go back to sleep)

So he cried for about 20 minutes. Not hard, but enough that I heard him. Strike one for Bad Mommy.

I get him up and ask him if he's ready to eat his yogurt. Yeah! He says and he finally eats it.


Then Cupcake woke up. She wasn't happy. She didn't feel good. She slept maybe 1 hour at her longest stretch all day today. Most of the time she wallowed in her crib, fussing and crying. Strike 2 for Bad Mommy.

Then Chicken decided at lunch he was too tired to eat. Once again we went round and round. He wouldn't eat and pointed to his room, "Nigh nigh!" I'd put him in his bed, "EEEEE!" (Eat). He finally got half a dose of Benedryl because, well, I'm pretty sure I saw some snot in his nose. And he did go to bed hungry. I didn't give in and I refuse to let a toddler rule my house. He WILL obey me one way or another. Strike three for Bad Mommy.

I sent Punky to bed for her nap. I managed about a 30 minute much needed nap of my own before Cupcake woke up for another screaming session. It was then I heard Punky crying softly in her room. I went in there and she looked so pitiful. "What's wrong, Punky?" "Mommy! I peepeed all over my bed!" Yup, she had. All the way to her neck. I assured her it was ok, changed her sheets and tucked her back in. I grabbed a quick shower - quick being the operative word since Cupcake was finally up and screaming now in the bouncy seat in the bathroom with me. When I got out, Punky was peeping her head in my room, clearly NOT sleeping like she was supposed to be.

Cupcake continued to cry.

Chicken wakes up.

Hubby comes home.

I leave for my doctor's appointment.

"Don't call me unless there's blood." This Bad Mommy has struck out.


Jennifer Shirk said...

What a day! {{hugs}}
And you're NOT a bad mommy.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Oh boy. That sounds like a tough day. Sure makes me glad that (for now at least) I only have one!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

If that's bad....then join the bad crowd!

Bethanne said...

Oh, you deserved to get out!
Have I been here before? maybe once, huh? I remember the black background... but the kids!!! OMG, they are sooooooo cute!!!!!

The photograph of your hubby is awesome, too. I should get mine to do something classy like that. :P LOL I hope things ease up for you.
Take care.

Krystyn said...

None of those things classify you as a bad mother. I did not read "left baby in bathtub while taking own shower."

You are doing fine:)

I hope the kids have long naps today after a day like yesterday.

Stephanie said...

"Don't call me unless there's blood" just made me spit out my coffee. Haha!

I think we all have days like that. No worries.

And for me, I have to use time out with mine. Nothing else works. She's a dilly, that one!

Chelle Sandell said...

{{Steph}} What a day. It all seems to pile on at once. Hopefully they'll be tired and sleep better for the next week at least!