Monday, September 1, 2008

New Baby is New Baby no more

Cupcake:  They're little.  They're soft.  They're sweet.  You could eat 'em up.   They have icing.

It's New Baby's new nickname!  I picked her up and called her that today and didn't even think twice.  I knew it was perfect.  She's little.  She's soft.  She's sweet.  I could eat her up.  She's the "icing" on our family cake.  I knew it would come to me, but I expected it to be much later when she developed more of a personality.  But in only 6 weeks, I know "Cupcake" is the perfect nickname as her blog name.  Sooo....Cupcake it is.

Perhaps we could also chalk this up to me starting weight watchers last week and being insanely hungry...but I'm sticking with it...weight watchers and the nickname.   HA!


Anonymous said...

Love the nickname!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I agree, love the nickname.

Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! THAT kind of cupcake you're allowed to eat. LOL!

Love it. :)