Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Recap

So our weekend was pretty typical.  My parents came into town on Saturday and we went shopping for material for the new nursery bedding.  I've bought the previous bedding and my mom, being the disgustingly crafty person she is, wants to make this one.  We decided on a black, white and pastel pink pattern with a french type theme.  It's going to be really cute with the white crib.

Hubby also attempted to put track lighting in our kitchen to replace the ugly florescent lighting and the effort was futile.  The track lighting was too spotty and didn't provide enough light.  Otherwise, the track he got was totally cool and contemporary and would have looked awesome.  We just didn't light the way it actually lit everything.

Yesterday was a typical Sunday: church, lunch, nap, church again, bed.  Nothing to report there.

My ribs are starting to ache with this kid.  I was hoping my ribs hurt with Chicken because he was so active, but alas, that must not be the case.  New Baby is quite active, too, but I don't feel her in my ribs yet.  I guess it's just my body expanding to make room.  I just hope it doesn't get as painful as Chicken did.  There were nights I had to take pain meds with him because I couldn't sleep.

Sooo...after a boring weekend, I get to look forward to the kiddos spending the night with Hubby's parents on Friday and spending all of Saturday with them.  Hubby says he's going to knock out building the kiddos swing set on Saturday, so it looks like I've got about 4 days to decide what I want to do and who I want to do it with!


Mandy said...

That sound really cute~ I can't wait to see it.

Mandy said...
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