Thursday, July 10, 2008

The deed is done...

In 6-8 weeks, I will no longer be able to get pregnant.  At least, that's what I'm thinking.  Given how Murphy likes me so much, Hubby's vasectomy will be one of those 1 in 5000 or so that grows back.  Therefore making me pregnant again, Hubby questioning his vasectomy and/or my faithfulness, you know.  Murphy loves that kinda thing.  

Surprisingly I'm not sad about it.  I haven't really thought much about it to tell you the truth.  Hubby drove himself to and from the procedure and went back to work afterward.  The superman tried to work a full day but he's on his way home now.  Sorry, but if I had just gotten sliced into I don't think I would be sitting at work.  I'd be at home with a very large ice pack.  ;oD  Soooo, I'm thankful for the family I have now and I'm ready for us to move forward.  NOW at least.  Give me a few years and I'll probably want another one at some point.

Can you believe I'm sick?  AGAIN?!  I've got a double ear infection, upper respiratory infection and feel like I've slid down a banister of razors straight into a pool of alcohol (Yeah, I'm that achy).  I started feeling pretty rotten yesterday and low and behold around 3 am I wake up with a fever and chills.  Tylenol kicks in two hours later and I'm sweating like a pig.  I slept like a 9 month pregnant woman that had two ear infections.  Peed about 6 times and can't even describe how bad it was.  Got up around 7:30 and Punky comes walking out crying.

"What's wrong Punky?"
"My eye hurts."
I look.  It's pussy, red and matted.  Yup.  Punky has pink eye.  Probably the little girl from church who had a week or so ago that was in her Bible class.  Ugh.  I call the pediatrician and thankfully they just called her in something after I described it.

Then I took Chicken to the Aunt's house to be watched while I go to the doc in the box at the end of our street.  Punky came with me because I didn't want to infect everyone with pink eye.  We sit for well over an hour before getting back to the room.  I pick Chicken up and I make them lunch.  They nap.  They wake up.  Things are going somewhat smoothly and I get a phone call from Hubby.

Punky's eye medicine is $75.  Now surely as common as pink eye is, this isn't the only thing they can give her.  No.  Wait!  She's been cancelled or expired from insurance.  Yup, a huge glitch.  There Hubby is, sliced balls and all standing in Wal-Mart trying to figure out the whole insurance thing.  Poor thing.  He wasn't a happy camper!  Hopefully he can get some rest this evening for sure!

Say a prayer for us.  It's been a REALLY hard, long day.


Mandy said...

You definitely are 1st on my friends portion of my prayer list tonight.

Hang in there and please try to get some rest.

Let MIL take care of you and just hand Hubby a bag of ice. :)-

Mandy said...

BTW, love the "comment comment comment" on my blog. ;)

Krystyn said...

Yikes, I hope everything works out (the big snip) and gets worked out (the insurance).

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side, since the doc didn't induce you this weekend, maybe everyone will have time to get well by the time the baby gets here. I know it is terrible to be sick, especially this late in the pregnancy, and have 2 of the 3 others in the house with a medical condition. Keep Punky and Chicken away from each other as much as possible. I'm still praying for you guys!!! I am glad everything went well with Hubby yesterday though, for the most part.

Stephanie said...

I will definitely be saying a prayer for you guys - everything from the snip to the sickness. Hopefully you can get some good rest this weekend and everything can clear up for you.