Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where did my baby go?

All of a sudden, Chicken is looking so big to me.  This morning, he woke up asking for Papa.  When I took him to Daddy instead, he grinned, laughed and said, "DaDEEEE!"  Not just dada or some form of his usual gibberish.  DADDY.

He grabbed one of Punky's dolls and I asked him what it was.  "BAYBEE!"  WHAAAA?  When did he learn THAT?  He can suddenly put two different syllables together.  And he says it in a little baby Chicken voice unlike his other "language."  I got a glimpse of how he would be in a year or two.  

Hubby is schedule for the big "V" tomorrow and I guess I'm reminded of how quick time passes.  Don't get me wrong, I'm ready for him to get neutered, but it's bittersweet knowing I'm about to embark on the last infant-hood ever with my own children.  Somedays it can't come soon enough, others I want to hold on just a little tighter to these feelings (not the grouchiness though), savor the smell of their freshly bathed skin, bask in each smile and giggle, and enjoy each precious moment while they're little.  Already Punky is too big and her babyhood is fading from my mind.  I don't remember what Chicken looked like a year ago.  

Hubby and I were just talking about this the other day.  Each stage is special in its own way.  I look forward to each and every one of them.  But having them little is such a THING for most women and it is sad to know they won't be this dependent on me forever or I won't ever experience birth or seeing a child of mine for the first time again.  I'm happy to think about my children growing, becoming independent little adults, becoming who they want and should be.  I'm happy for the time I've been given to have THREE children of my own after I never thought I would EVER experience this, especially in my own body.  God gave me a child for every year I had to wait and it's made it all worth it.  Yes, it's stressful somedays.  But no, it's not horrible like most people assume (or I might have led you to believe in my pregnant, hormonal state) and I don't regret it.

These days will soon be over and I'll be wishing for just a small taste of it all again.  I know that'll happen but I'm happy with our family.  Will always be happy with our three babies and the joy they bring into my life every single day.

But just for the record, stop growing up so fast, will ya?


Stephanie said...

I only have one and she tends to grow up rather fast too. I think we'll do the big "V" after three too - thinking of it now sure does sound bittersweet though.

Not too much longer for you!!

Mandy said...

It is definitely bittersweet watching them grow up. I am losing the babiness in my little Lulee now. Sadie Bug lost it along time ago and now in just 3 years she will be driving. Where has the time gone??? I feel like crying right now because I never want to let go of my girls. I mean I will be proud each phase of life that they go through and to be able to be apart of all their accomplishments, but I wouldn't mind them staying little a lot longer!!! :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, I know what you mean! It's nice to see them grow, but sometimes they do it WAY too fast.

The hubby and I were watching a video of our daughter when she 9 months old and we laughed because we had forgotten some of things she used to do. It was definitely bittersweet watchng it.:)

Indy said...

I keep telling my kids that I better stop feeding them. They are growing too fast. They love it and laugh. Then they eat even more to make me tell them again. Enjoy!