Friday, July 11, 2008

Doo Doo List

Has anyone wondered why you go through 9 months of a pregnancy all haughty that YOU haven't gotten a single *new* stretch mark?  Has anyone ever realized the last two weeks of pregnancy always bring on new ones?  My lower stomach has exploded with tiny new stretch marks that I'm none too happy about.  The previous ones extended from my laparoscopy scars and made them look like lightening bolts (Yes, I'm giving birth to the next Harry Potter).  Now?  Oh now I have brand new ones that aren't anywhere near the lightening bolts.  I'm disgusted because I KNEW this kid is bigger than the other two and no one is listening.  Measuring behind my hiney!  I'm terrified we might have been off on my due date or this kid is officially a ten pounder.  I guess we'll find out soon enough.

It's amazing how fast antibiotics can work.  After only 2 pills, I'm feeling at least 50% better.  Still have an itchy scratchy throat and a painful left ear, but the aches and chills, along with the general feeling of GROSS is gone.  Punky's eye wasn't matted over this morning she's not complaining about it hurting.  I guess her $50 medicine (even after insurance was straightened out!) is working.  

And Hubby?  Yeah, he's officially on my doo doo list.  He went back to work after the "V" and worked a few hours.  Ran some errands.  Came home walking like he had a corn cob up his butt but otherwise fine.  Sat on the couch for maybe an hour and then got up and did some more stuff.  This morning I was expecting him not to be able to do much after over doing it yesterday.  How ya feeling honey?  Great, he replies.  It's NOTHING like it was yesterday.  WHAAA???  Nothing?  No swelling?  Barely no pain?  You're soooooo on my doo doo list.

All this relief I was feeling because he was about to experience pay back for me bearing his three children and going through 6 weeks of recovery and total body annihilation?  WHERE'S THE JUSTICE I ASK?!?!?!  Ugh.  

He's soooo on my doo doo list, did I mention that already?


hubby said...

I've been on your "doo doo list" for much worse things. I think I can handle this one ;o)

Krystyn said...

Your hubby should be a walking advertisement for all of the men out there that are too scared to get the big "v"! Hopefully, that kiddo pops out super pronto!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone is starting to feel better. I am glad to hear hubby did well with his surgery. At least now he can help you more with the kids.