Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some days just make it all worth it.

This morning has been one of those mornings where I thank God for my kids.  Not that I don't already, but lately, I certainly haven't been able to take time and smell the roses with them.  My hormones have been getting the best of me.

I love watching my kids play, another past time I haven't made much time for lately.  In between playing in their playroom this morning and my crazy need for cleaning these days, I stopped for a few moments.  I heard Punky say, "My baby spit up!" And she took off and found a cloth and wiped her mouth.  She sat in her rocker, rocking the baby and Chicken then walks up and bends down.  He grabs the baby's bottle and hands it to Punky.  Punky says quietly, but enough that I could hear her as she took it from him, "Thanks."  Chicken grinned at her and looked so proud of himself.  It was just one of those sweet moments between brother and sister that I was lucky enough to witness.  Maybe it doesn't sound like much or maybe it was one of those you-had-to-be-there things, but I walked around to Punky and Chicken and said, "Punky, do you know how blessed you are to have a brother who loves you so much?"

Punky replied with a sweet giggle, "Yeah, and he's funny, too!"

So for today I won't worry about Chicken only playing with Punky's girl toys.  Today I won't worry about him torturing the girls later on or ripping their doll heads off just to see them cry.  I'm going to be grateful that they have been given a friendship I never had and that everyone will see.  I'm going to continue to nurture their bond and pray that this new baby will be just as close with them.

Today, my world isn't revolving around hormones, pregnancy, or being uncomfortable.  Today is for my kids and I want them to know how much I love them.


Mandy said...

That is ultra sweet!

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to get to witness a moment like that. I guess with 2 little ones, they play with each other. With one, mine plays with me. All the time. Some days I do think about having more, but who knows. Today, I have my hands full with ringing phones destroying nap times!

Stephanie said...

That is so sweet. This is why I want more children. I want my little girl to have this kind of friendship and love - with a sibling.

What a wonderful thing to experience!