Monday, July 7, 2008

A "normal" day for a far

We've got a TOOTH!  Er, rather, Chicken finally has a tooth at SIXTEEN MONTHS old!!!  And believe it or not, it's his upper front tooth that came through first.  I thought my mom was nuts when she told me she wrote in my baby book that I was 14 months old and my upper tooth came in first.  I even told her, "Maybe I was FOUR months old mom and you just messed up and wrote upper instead of lower."  Yeah, apparently not!  I recently heard children get their genetic "tooth" gene from their mother so all I can say is:  Poor Kids.  After 8 permanent teeth being removed, braces, retainers, permanent retainers (that wasn't so permanent after one bite of rock candy back in my teen years), 8 cavities (7 of which formed while I was pregnant with Chicken), 8 fillings, and now the possibility of whitening in a few years, they don't have a prayer.  Just get veneers now, kiddos.

Our fourth was a lot of fun.  My in-laws had a big pow wow at their house and a bunch of friends from church.  They bought my kiddos a bouncy blow up thing and they (along with the other two kids there) had a blast.  Punky, being an overly sensitive child usually, held a sparkler and loved it.  Chicken, being the daredevil he tries to be, stuck it on his head and decided it wasn't such a great idea - thankfully he didn't lose any hair or even leave a mark.  But if the volume of his cries are any indication, it hurt pretty bad.  I guess he's living up to his nickname after all.

We shot a few fireworks and by then I looked up and Punky was laying on a wooden board that Papa had put out to shoot fireworks off of (that I don't think ever got used.)  I realized then it was close to an hour after their bedtime - and it wasn't even DARK YET!  So I loaded them up and took them home.  On the way, I've never heard Punky talk so much.  Her little mouth was going nonstop talking about the fireworks and trying to find some while we drove down the road.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  I was, however, a nervous wreck by the time I got home from trying to talk to her, point out fireworks, look out for drunks, and drive at the same time. 

Today, I actually managed to take them grocery shopping and get most of the things on my list.  Poor Punky was buried in the basket and couldn't maneuver very well.  Chicken decided to pull her hair and make her cry.  When I tried to rearrange everything so she could move, Chicken grabbed a storage basket I had bought (made of HARD plastic) and whack me over the head.  Let me tell you it's been a LONG time since I've been hit over the head with something and he got me right in a sensitive spot (almost where the soft spot of a baby is) right with the corner of it.  It hurt so bad I was nauseous.  I honestly thought he had broken skin and kept feeling for blood.  I bet I stood in the aisle trying to gather my patience for at least a full five minutes.  

Still nothing to report for New Baby.  Just achy ribs, lack of sleep and a lot of pressure.  Still no name although we MIGHT be getting closer.  As in, I got an "it's ok" on a suggestion instead of a "no way."  ;oD

Thankfully, I can report that this Monday hasn't been too bad...YET!  ;oD

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Anonymous said...

We had one of those shopping trips to the grocery store today too. It makes you wonder why we even try to go on a Monday. Mondays tend to be tough enough on their own without the added shopping adventure. I guess we moms deep down must constantly look for a challenge. =-)
Glad to hear your 4th was a blast. It is so much fun to see the little ones enjoy the simple things we loved as a child.