Thursday, April 3, 2008

Part 2 - Easter

So easter was pretty hectic and uneventful. We rushed through it, not taking many pictures of the kiddos to my everlasting shame.  I got a few good ones but realized tonight as I was glancing through them that I didn't really get a GOOD one of Punky in her dress.  I got a few with Chicken in his little dinosaur tie and one of the whole crew, but mostly nothing worthy of mentioning.  Although a friend of mine got an excellent picture of Punky and her little "boyfriend" (not really, at least not until she's 40) about to kiss.  I don't have that one in iphoto yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post it if I remember.

So our day went like this:

We get up around 7 as usual.  Punky and Chicken open their baskets...without clothes on.  Yeah.  Don't ask me what I was thinking cause I KNEW pictures would be taken.  It was just easier in the middle of our packing (we moved the next day) to not worry with interim clothes before the easter ones went on.

For those of you who don't know me well, our family doesn't celebrate Easter or Christmas as religious holidays because the Bible simply doesn't say WHEN those things occurred (as in not Dec. 25th or a certain day in March or April).  We essentially celebrate Easter every Sunday when we partake of the Lord's supper.  So really, it's just an excuse to buy the kiddos a lot of rabbit stuff, candy and get them all doozied up.  Easter bunnies and Santa Claus's don't come to our house either, but the kids still have a lot of fun.  We hunted candy-filled eggs with two other couples from our church.  They all had fun and all but the youngest two, Chicken and the little cherub with the bonnet below were happy just to sit and play with the eggs.  Punky and The Boyfriend in the orange shirt were in a fierce competition, but he had skill and knowledge on his side.  Mainly he was just faster.  At that point, Punky didn't realize candy was inside and I think he did.  The Boyfriend might have lost to a girl if she had been a little wiser to the easter ways.  ;oD  Here's the whole egg-hunting clan:

Here's our happy, growing family.  Hubby is slumping in a very odd manner in this picture, but he still looks so handsome in his suit and bald head.  I LOVE that bald head and sexy grin.  Doesn't he resemble Daughtry?  I tell him that a lot and I think he's figured out I've got a crush on them both.  ;oD
Here's Punky and Chicken with Hubby's parents (Grandma and Papa).  Don't I have the most beautiful mother in law?  First time I saw her, I thought she was Hubby's sister!  And her hair?  Oh that's original color.  Yup.  Not a hair has been dyed on her head and I can tell you from LOOKING that there are VERY few gray hairs in there!  She's also responsible for their outfits.  I let her buy them this year.
Here's Chicken with his handsome little easter suit on.  I love the dinosaur tie.  He has the cutest little sandals on, too.  

So after the quick easter egg hunt, we wound up heading out and finishing out the day packing.  I hate to admit it, but we even skipped church that night so we could get it done.  There was SO much to do and we were so overwhelmed (and BARELY made it to closing from lack of manpower).  But we had an excellent easter and the kids had fun.  Punky's easter candy is in a ziploc bag and is aiding in the rewards of potty training currently.  She's showing interest in wearing her "princess" panties now, so I think it's time I quit stalling and get it done.  

More posting soon.  I have a mountain of laundry that's literally waist high, so I suppose that needs to take priority over blogging.  The problem is actually doing it.  Have I mentioned I HATE laundry?


Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, how nice! LOVED the pics!!!!

OHmommy said...

Awwww.... you guys are a sweet family!

Mandy said...

What a gorgeous family!!!! ;)