Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The way it's just going to be.

So apparently kidney stones are just going to be a fact of life.  I keep thinking that possibly ONE DAY I'll be able to get rid of them.  Why?  Oh, no reason.  There's no medical backup for my thoughts (once you have one they apparently just keep on a-comin!), just that maybe God will have mercy and they'll disappear, oh let's say, FOR GOOD!  

I went to the doc today for my "hey, how's everything going?  Just fine doc.  We'll see you back in four weeks" checkup.  I've been having some trouble with my kidneys/bladder and he confirmed yet another kidney stone was about to rear its head.  Now, don't get me wrong, I can't complain too awful much about it because I'm not having much pain, if any, with them at all.  It's just knowing they're there, the potential for a great deal of pain is there, and living on the edge just waiting for the shoe to drop.  Sometimes I do have problems with bladder spasms when a stone drops into my bladder, and if you've ever had those, you know how fun it can be.  I'd almost rather deal with the intense pain for a little while as a stone passes than deal with the spasms that can last months for me.  Hubby always knows when I've passed a stone...I'm in a great mood because that means I've got at least a few weeks before having to deal with another one.

On the pregnancy front, the new baby/#3 is as active as ever, constantly trying to find a way out of my stomach.  I'm convinced she's going to perform her own c-section via FOOT one of these days.  She feels like she's all wedged from butt to legs in my left side.  Chicken always favored my right.  Seems like Punky may have favored my left as well.  Maybe it's a girl thing.  Who knows, but I know I'm trying very hard to enjoy these last 12 weeks.  Aside from feeling like a great woolly mammoth these days, I'm actually feeling pretty good physically.  I have the typical exhaustion and occasional bout of sciatica, but it's been nothing like with Punky or Chicken.  With Punky, the sciatica was excruciating and almost constant after about 24 weeks.  With Chicken, I could argue over whether or not he bruised my ribs toward the end.  In general I felt bad.  But maybe it was because I ended my pregnancies in the winter and this time summer is allowing me to get outside some instead of sitting on my mammoth butt. 

The bad news?  I'm 4 pounds away from beating my record weight.  *Sigh*  I knew after the cookies, the eating out, the morning South African Tea, and everything BAD I've been eating this pregnancy that it would catch up with me.  I'm going to be working hard after this baby is born for sure.  I still haven't figured out how to exercise with three kids, but I figure as Hubby says I'll be strapping one in a snugli and the other two in the double stroller.  THAT should get me sweating after so many months of inactivity.

Lastly, we've discovered New Baby/#3 has a 'tude.  Hubby often rolls over in the morning and puts his hand on my stomach to feel her moving.  She's definitely getting HER exercise in there (in the form of water aerobics).  It never fails if he presses too hard on my belly that she gets opinionated and gives Hubby a swift kick to let him know he's invading her personal space.  Boy, do I have a thing or two to teach her about personal space!  It's adorable but I do wonder if that means she's going to be more of a challenge than these other two.  Hubby and I have pushed "fate" by having so many kids, especially after the first two turned out to be relatively mild mannered (and I do mean RELATIVELY).  I can just see a little demon girl being born with horns and laughing an evil laugh straight from the womb.  However, I do always say to expect the worst and you won't be disappointed!

Right?  Say I'm right.


Anonymous said...

I'll say you're right, but remember she will be the 'baby' of the family, that is if 3 is your limit. I hope you get to feeling better. You have had a time with those kidney stones.

OHmommy said...

You are right!!!!

I heard somewhere that 1 kid is a hooby. 2 kids are a family. And 3 kids make a zoo.

LOL... I thought the 3rd would be more calm. I am learning to love her attitude and spunk.

Indy said...

I completely understand about fearing the pain. I would be a wreck just worrying that it could come at any time.