Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The countdown begins...

Well, technically, the countdown began the moment I booked our hotel on the internet, but it's really begun now.  I'm only three days away from an awesome weekend with my best friends and sitting on the beach.  No hurricanes.  No kids.  No bad weather, in fact it's supposed to be perfect.  Lots of shopping, lots of girl time, lots of sitting on the beach.  Of course, Murphy did intervene slightly when I got an email from a friend of mine who lives there and will be joining us for the fun.  It's biker weekend there.  Now, I can appreciate a good motorcycle.  Hubby has owned two of them and I loved them both, even though the goldwing was MUCH more comfy.  What I don't like is the rattails, leather, half dressed women and loud Harley's.  I mean, seriously, why do they have to be so loud?  Is it a man know, like my Harley is louder than your Harley?  I loved our Goldwing and its quietness.  In fact, it always reminded me of the sound the Jetson's space car made.  Just a little high pitched purr.  Perfect.

Hubby's first bike was sold for my engagement ring.  I definitely like my ring better than I did that bike.  It was a little one, one of those that people often get killed on and it was really uncomfortable.  The goldwing, which joined our family in the spring of our 2nd year of marriage was really fun but was gone by fall.  It was the cadillac of motorcycles.  I even fell asleep on it coming back from my best friend's wedding shower in TN, so that tells you alot!

Anyway, the biggest complaint about our hotel was that it was too far away from everything.  I'm hoping that will serve as a good thing with all the bikers and keep things relatively quiet around our hotel.  I guess we'll know in 3 days!  It should be fun, regardless.  


Stephanie said...

How exciting!!! I hope you guys have a great time! I agree with the loud bikes - it must be a male thing :)

Krystyn said...

Hopefully, the bikers will be quiet at night for you....after all, you are getting away from three kiddos!

Have a great time.