Monday, September 8, 2008

Hotdog, I think she's got it!!!

Remember me blogging about how Punky was coming in our room several times at night?  Well, I'm beginning to think that was a developmental growth spurt.  Ever since I put her back in panties during the day, she has been great about going to the potty.  Only 2 accidents in 3 days and both of those were true accidents I feel.  

She tells me she has to go to the bathroom and I tell her to go ahead (she can do everything but wipe herself) and she takes off running.  She makes it to the bathroom and poor Punky turns around in the doorway to the bathroom and wails at me, "I pee peed, Mommy!" I felt so bad for her.  Normally she gets disciplined if there is deliberation on her part (it's clear when she CHOOSES not to pee in the potty), but she was truly distraught.  I made sure she knew it was just an accident and that happens.  She did good trying to make it on time.  I praised her and sat her on the potty and told her to try to put some pee pee in the potty.  The funny thing was, I thought she had already taken her panties off but when I went to clean her up, Elmo was staring back at me.  Oops.

Cupcake is growing like a weed.  The new formula definitely agrees with her more.  She's happier and VERY rarely cries.  She is still having constipation problems, but overall, I'm quite pleased with her level of fussiness.  Having an easy baby is...well, easy.

On a side note, it's only two and a half weeks until my weekend beach trip.  I'm so excited about going, I just know Murphy will conjure up a hurricane to head right for the one we're going to!  I am so excited about a getaway, so excited about sleep, and so excited about having some down time without being pulled in three different directions.  There is nothing more amazing to me than being at the beach and listening to the serenity.  I honestly can say if I was rich, I'd own a beach house and LIVE there.  I LOVE the beach, can you tell?

And still not able to exercise.  There is something going on every night this week.  I think after all that money I just spent on Weight Watchers, I'm going to be sorely disappointed at the end of the three months.  And I've got a stinkin' high school reunion coming up in the spring.  I MUST get down to my old size before then.  The last thing I want is people seeing how fat I've let myself get after I was 115 in high school.  It's embarrassing.  Maybe the new ipod coming out tomorrow will help me find time?  And let's pray Cupcake starts sleeping through the night soon so I can get up early and do it.  Thanks for all your suggestions, too. 


Stephanie said...

That's great that the little one is getting the hang of the potty training. I'm still thinking it might be awhile before we start ours. People are starting to try to "push" us into it but I just am not ready for that yet. She is only 18 months!

Let's hope little Cupcake does start sleeping through the night! Many well wishes!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Punky is doing better with her potty training and Cupcake is doing great. As for the beach, I am looking forward to you coming down too. Now, if Murphy is going to bring a hurricane to our beach, maybe you should plan another beach. A hurricane is the last thing we need. Maybe I can help ward Murphy off for this trip. I understand if you want to stay somewhere else without little ones, but know you two are welcomed to stay with us. I can't wait to see you. I need a little break too.