Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend update (belated)

So...still not exercising.  I've had my ipod for 5 days now.  Haven't even had time to think about it.  Seriously, how do women do it?  You're a super woman in my book if you find time to exercise with more than one kid!  Luckily though, I've dropped another half pound in the last day or so.  I'm convinced its the new Fiber One granola bars I've been eating.  One bar has 35% of your daily value and they're so good I'm eating at least 2 a day.  So, um...yeah.  Fiber is good for you...at least for your intestines, so I'm chalking up that half pound to the...um...side effects.  ;oD

I didn't update you on my weekend.  Hubby and I went four wheeling with his sister and husband and had a blast.  He was very nice and didn't do anything that scared me.  In fact, I was wondering when he was going to do something a little exciting.  ;oD  We road some trails through the woods behind our brother in law's house and jumped a few downed trees.  I drove once and almost tipped us over...ooops!  Hubby was hanging on for dear life.  It was just pay back for the rack on the back of the four wheeler that I was bouncing against over every.single.hole.and.bump.  I heard him yell as we rounded a corner on two wheels, "THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!!!!"  Of course I started laughing so hard I almost peed my pants and tipped us over.

But the funniest part of it all was BIL's reaction to the spider and their webs on the trail.  He's afraid of spiders (and seeing his hunting/four wheeling/macho self it's hilarious that he's afraid of a spider!) - so after he ran into a web or two on the trails, he grabbed a long branch with leaves and held it front of him to catch them.  Quite brilliant if you ask me.  Even if you're not afraid of spiders, it's gross to get the webs all over you!  At one point, he got too comfy the webs were all gone and lost the branch.  As we were crossing a small creek, he runs into another web and gets the web along with the spider on his face.  He turns around and screams, "AAAAHHHHH!!!!"  SIL hates spiders too, so we were sitting on our four wheeler, just laughing at them as they scurried around and freaked out trying to rid themselves of spiders.  Hubby and I seriously almost lost it.

Then we shot skeet.  Rather, everyone but me shot skeet.  I was all geared up the night before after watching the movie Shooter, thinking I'd be all Angelina Jolie shooting some, but once the guns came out, I freaked.  BIL is to spiders as Stephanie is to guns.  Yikes.  That was the first time I've ever been around guns and I have to say I wasn't too fond of it.  Especially when BIL wasn't paying attention and aimed the thing at me and SIL.  I saw me life flash before me eyes.  Surprisingly, SIL decided to target shoot some.  Seeing her and her little skinny self with a shotgun aiming looked surprisingly normal for her.  She's a girly girl, too, always looking her best (which is super cute) so it was neat to see a different side to her.  She's the Angelina Jolie, not me!  Go SIL!

It was great to get away for a little while.  Hubby was surprised I think that I agreed to go with him, even more so at how much I enjoyed four wheeling.  You can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl.  I was in my element being from a small town.  You don't see many four wheelers where we live now so it was nice to commune with nature some and get back to my roots!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys had such a good time. Yeah, I hate guns too. I have target shot with a 22 before, but it is not my choice to be around them if I can help it. Marc is the hunter, well was the hunter before we got married and life got so crazy. He has all the hunting guns and I make sure they stay locked up.

As for the Fiber One Bars, I would have told you about them a long time ago if I had thought about it. I love them. Especially the chocolate and peanut butter ones. Marc likes the peanut butter and carmel kinds, but I am not fond of the carmel ones myself. I eat at least one a day. I eat one between b'fast and lunch and then one about 3:00 in the afternoon to get me through until dinner. It keeps me from snacking on less healthy things and fills me up. Plus, when I eat the chocolate ones I feel like I am getting a sweet treat. They sell them at Sam's too if you guys go there. They are less expensive if you buy them in bulk, really.

OHmommy said...

Dude. It took me 19 months to finally get fit after having my baby. I dont know how the supermoms do it.