Friday, September 12, 2008

Wow, I blinked and the week was over!

So I let Punky get in the shower with me occasionally.  Yesterday she woke up early from her nap and I still had to get a shower because we had plans last night.  I let her get in with me.  I'm about half way done showering when I notice she's looking at my stomach.  I knew it was coming, but wow, sometimes I can forget how honest kids can be.  She grabs each side of my belly and squeezes, saying, "You've got a BIIIIIG belly mommy!"  Now, I still have several friends who are pregnant, two who are due to deliver any day.  One of those had been telling her she had a big boy in her tummy and Punky naturally remembers me being pregnant with Cupcake.  She doesn't understand that I'm not pregnant any more but I still have a big belly.  It's only natural that she sees what's left of my mangled body and makes a connection.  It's part of having kids, it's a price I would pay over and over again if it meant having my sweet babies with me.  But that doesn't take the sting out of words, even if she is two.  My biiiig belly is a sad sight.  Several inches of fat are left over from gaining so much weight before pregnancy, not to mention the extra skin I'm now carting around since Cupcake stretched me beyond repair (yet sadly I only have a handful of stretch marks, where's the justice?!)  I really am ok with it, but I still mourn the youthful body I used to have in high school, but don't we all?  Some just hang on to it longer after childbirth than others and mine is officially gone.  And since Hubby won't even let me talk about lipo or a tummy tuck, this is my lot in life so I have no choice but to accept it!  I guess I should just be glad I didn't have 6 babies at one time, then my belly really would be bad.  It can always be worse, right?

Anyway, away from all that depressing stuff, I'm the new owner of the brand-spankin' new Ipod nano (just released on Tuesday!).  I was actually the first to buy one at our local store.  The guy even had to dig them out of the box as they had just arrived.  It's really neat and easy to use and sounds great!  Now, if the weather would clear up (i.e. hurricanes would quit coming through), I might could give it a test jog.  I might could kill myself in the process, but I desperately need to get back in shape and listening to music will help take my mind off the inevitable pain.  ;oD

Also, yesterday I was laying on the couch and the kids flocked around me.  I wasn't feeling well and I told Punky and Chicken to "fix my hair."  (i.e. pamper me)  Chicken disappeared and I thought he wasn't interested.  Next thing I know, he's back in front of me with one of Punky's princess combs, combing my hair.  Now if you've ever seen their play room, you know that the floor is almost ALWAYS covered in toys and it's impossible to find anything.  How he found a little pink comb in the midst of all the tornado throw up I'll never know.  Punky was the one who wasn't interested and Chicken stood there combing my hair for a good five minutes.  It was so sweet even though its further proof that I MUST teach this boy some boy things.  He's got the energy of a boy, acts like a boy, but most definitely doesn't PLAY like a boy.  And his younger sister coming up isn't going to help matters much.  But at least he'll be a good husband and father, right?  RIGHT?!

On a side note, Hubby is dragging me off to go four wheeling tomorrow and there was even mention of shooting skeet.  Seriously?  Yup.  He's got a mean streak in him and I can promise you if he tries to throw me off or doing anything dangerous on the four wheeler with me on it, there will definitely be guns involved.  


DanielB said...

lol :-)
Don't worry about chicken. He is all boy.. after all your hubby is his daddy. No worries there!
Four wheeling sounds like SOOOOO much fun I am so jealous, although I would want to be the one driving :-)


Anonymous said...

I let go of being high school size long before I had Tyler. I was tiny and well, I just had to learn how to be happy with the way I look now. I would love to start running again, but now is not the time for me, unfortunately. Hopefully, you can get started good while you have the exercise bug.

As for chicken, don't worry. He is a loving sweet little boy and that is something to be thankful about. As he gets older, he will figure out that he doesn't have to play girl things anymore. Right now, that is all he knows. After all, he has a big sister and big sisters tend to try and control the younger ones to a point. I know I did.

I love four wheeler riding. I hope you guys have so much fun!! You deserve a break and some fun with hubby. Guns are not my thing, but hey it never hurts to try something new, right. Have fun!!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

OH prepregancy size... oh how I miss it. I have been working really hard because I was tiny before I had my daughter, but I just joined weight watchers and have been love it and have been having success. Have fun four wheeling!