Sunday, September 14, 2008 Strikes again

So, remember how in a previous post, Punky took off down the road to take her "baby" for an afternoon stroll after Hubby told her to do exactly that? seems as though I can't leave either of them alone for a second!

I ventured out this afternoon on a mad dash to get this week's groceries.  It was raining and I was rushing through Publix, trying to get it all done and be home before time to leave for church.  I'm about to get in line and my cell starts ringing.  Battery dead.  Ah, shucks.  I reboot phone, Hubby tries to call again.  I hit talk, it dies.  So I rush home, figuring he's just calling to verify Cupcake's next eating time.

"Guess what your daughter did," he says when I walk in.

"No telling," I replied.

He commences to tell me how after Punky wakes up from her nap, he gives her a sippy cup, a snack and turns on her favorite show, Blues Clues and he goes back to the computer to photoshop some newborn photos we just took for some friends.  He gets engrossed in what he's doing and when he comes back to reality realizes he doesn't hear her.  He searches all over the house and can't find her.  He's getting worried.  He's calling her, no answer.  He looks up and...

Punky is playing in the backyard.  On her new, TALL, swing set.

Now, of course this was all somehow my fault (*insert sarcasm*).  I drove Hubby's car instead of my van to the grocery store and didn't think to close the garage door as I was leaving.  So the ONE time I leave the garage door open, Punky finds her way outside and starts playing in the rain on her swing set.  What possessed her little toddler mind, we'll never know, but thankfully she was recovered safe and sound.  And I think it's safe to say she'll never try that again after Hubby was done with her!  Her swing set is VERY tall, one of those wooden ones with a tarp at the top that is very much over my head, so it's over 5'3 tall to just the floor of the top part.  My heart skips a beat just thinking about her being out there by herself.

And I guess I should mention there is also an electric fence behind our house where the farm land is that backs up to our property.  I've definitely got my work cut out for me when Chicken decides it's time for him to go outside by himself.  YIKES!

Seriously, it could've been me or Hubby that it happened to.  I'm on the computer some during the day, too.  Let's just hope none of them figure out how to undo a deadbolt anytime soon!


Anonymous said...

They know when you are not paying attention and that is when their little minds go wild. Anytime I have the computer in my lap, Tyler thinks it is free time. He decides to see how much he can get away with before I notice. Needless to say, my computer time has been limited to morning and nap times now. Glad Punky is okay and you're right, she won't try it again. She'll probably start trying to talk Chicken into it to see if he can get away with it before she joins him. =-)

OHmommy said...

My kids have a radar for times like that when they can run free and get in trouble.