Monday, October 27, 2008

Can I PLEASE start over?!?

Isn't it funny how Monday's and Murphy always find me? It's not even 9 am and my morning has been...well, a Monday.

I woke up this morning to Punky next to my bed grinning. "I had a good nap, Mommy!" So far so good.

Then I hear the telltale whine of Chicken awake. Yesterday, he discovered how to climb out of his crib and now has a big strawberry from carpet burn on his forehead. I rushed into his room to make sure he didn't have any broken limbs. Nope, just a bad poopy diaper that left a horrible rash on his bottom. Now he's cranky as all get out. I can still handle this.

Oh but wait. I come in the computer room to drink my tea and read my morning blogs and while reading an email I received confirming more children to my playdate on thursday, I put my tea down and push in the keyboard cubby to get a pin from the drawer. Yeah, the tea was ON the keyboard cubby that disappears into the desk. Now the tea is all over me, the protective mat I have down on the carpet AND on the carpet. I had already had half of it! Now the day is turning questionable not to mention I'm just stupid!

Then I hear something that sounds like a kid choking after I've cleaned myself and the computer room up. Running into the living room, I'm just in time to see Cupcake projectile puke all over her bouncy seat and...oh yeah, my carpet. I cleaned her up and put her in the high chair to chill. She didn't burp well and I thought maybe she choked trying to get air up. Nope. I go back to check on her two minutes later and she's puked again. Then again when I put her on the changing table to clean her up. I'm drowning in laundry from said puking now. Now I'm officially having a bad day.

Ugh. If anything else goes wrong today, I'm crawling in a hole and forgetting I exist.

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Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. I guess Cupcake got the bug the other two had last week. I hope your day gets better and Cupcake gets to feeling better.