Friday, October 17, 2008

Can I start the day over?

5:49 am: Cupcake wakes up for her normal fussy spell for 30 minutes.

5:51 am: Hubby removes himself from our bedroom to take up residence with his new best friend - Couch.

6:20 am: Cupcake finally settles back down and finds her thumb.

6:35 am: I finally fall back to sleep. Need.Sleep.

6:45 am: Punky comes in bedroom butt naked. Note to self: Don't let her wear zip up footy pajamas anymore.

6:46 am: Redress Punky, put her back to bed and threaten her within an inch of her life if she gets out of bed again. No one in our house is allowed to be up before 7 am. It's grounds for adoption.

6:50 am: Sleeping soundly.

7:10 am: Hubby comes in after his lovely night of sleep and gets in the shower. Complete with hacking, clearing of the throat and dropping of the soap - which by the way has the potential to give you a heart attack when you're half asleep.

7:15 am: Pass out from exhaustion regardless of noises coming from elsewhere.

7:50 am: Cupcake wakes up again ready to start her morning. Hubby exits the shower - seriously, what can a bald man have to do in the shower for FORTY MINUTES? We've been married 7 years and I still haven't figure it out yet.

7:55 am: See Punky's light on in her room. Can' Find her in her room making "bows" with my craft wire and ribbon I left on the kitchen table last night. Wire is everywhere. Guess she'll be carrying on the family "business."

8:30 am: Down a large cup of tea for a jolt of caffeine I'm seriously going to need before the end of the day.



Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Maybe hubby will give you the morning off tomorrow, maybe.
By the way, how did the craft show go?

hubby said...

Oh it was totally NOT 40 minutes. More like 10. :oP

Midwest Mommy said...

Holy cow! What a morning!

Angela said...

Having just traveled for two weeks with the twins, I think I can safely say that long showers must be a Griffin tradition. ;)