Thursday, October 16, 2008

Puppy Dog Tales

Hubby helped me get started setting up my ebay store. I'm excited to get my little "business" off the ground. We did well at the craft show with our hair bows and now I'm extending to dog bows. It's unreal the people we saw. Can you believe we had 4 people ask us for dog bows? D.O.G. bows. Now, I understand the empty-nesters might cling to a dog to fill the void, but these were families with children to take care of. How do they find time to dress themselves, their children AND their dog? I reckon they're just stupid, eh, super talented like that. And why not capitalize on their stupidity, er, interests?

Now, I love animals. I really do. I used to be the proud owner of two of the sweetest little cats you've ever seen. But I had Punky and the cats got shipped off to a good home. I simply couldn't take care of it all, not to mention I couldn't stand all the cat hair wedged between her chubby little fingers. Super woman I am not. But I mean these crazy, um, eccentric people had STROLLERS for their dogs...yeah! I'm not kidding. A stroller with a zip up visor to "protect" them from the sun. Good grief. Oh, and not only that, a man walked by with a medium sized dog strapped in a dog snugli. D.O.G. S.N.U.G.L.I. What happened to letting the dogs walk? Is American going to be the leading country for obese dogs now, too?

I'm sorry, but I'm just overwhelmed by some people. I do think the little dogs that are furry are cute with one little bow in their hair. If I was ever dumb enough to get another animal and it was one of those, I'd probably stick a bow in it's hair some time. But a stroller? A snugli? Sorry, now I know why the economy is going to pot and that's because people are wasting their money on that kind of junk and can't pay for their house. C'mon people. Feed your dogs. Walk 'em. Love 'em. Stick a bow in their hair and I'll even give you a sweater in the winter but leave it at that. A dog is a dog is a dog. IS.A.STINKIN. DOG.

So, if you need infant, toddler or dog bows, I'm your gal. 'Cause after all, they're one in the same, right?

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