Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Chosen One

Silver platter is to Hubby as Murphy is to me.

Seriously, I've never met someone in my entire life who seems to just have everything fall at his feet.  Don't get me wrong, this time it benefits us all, but it's really quite disgusting and several people I know will probably send me hate mail when they're done reading this.

Here's a few examples:
  • Hubby decides he'd like to learn to draw.  He gets a how-to book and some drawing supplies and voila!  He can draw.  I'm serious.  Just.like.that.
  • Hubby thinks he'll up and start a photography business with his best friend.  VOILA!  He got his first paying "real" gig a few weeks later with a local fire department (and he's done a few weddings and baby pictures on his own for friends that also paid).
  • Hubby wants to go for a ride in a ultra-light.  Some guy offers to take him up for free on his next flight and lets him fly.  This wasn't my idea and I seriously loathe the guy for fueling the fire.  If I ever see him out, my death rays will stop him cold.
  • Hubby is adored by everyone.  He's one of those guys that people inherently flock to because he's trustworthy, quiet and sincere.  This is not for the Hubby mentioned to get a big head.  I'm simply saying it's annoying, really (but in a sickeningly sweet way).
  • Hubby decides he wants to do a little job searching and see if he can get a bargaining chip to get more money since he's about 15K underpaid for his line of work and years of experience.  VOILA!  He gets TWO offers.  He interviewed on Friday with one company and gets an offer on Tuesday for 15K more than he's making.  The place he used to work found out he was looking again and contacted him and said they would give him what he needed money-wise as long as they could have him back.  Now he's faced with the daunting, oh-so-tiring task of playing them all against each other to see who has the highest bid.
I mean seriously?  SERIOUSLY?!  Since Hubby and I are married, why on earth is Murphy not joking on him, too?  If nothing else, Murphy is an in-law and I'm personally close to all of mine so Murphy is just being Murphy by leaving Hubby out of all this. 

I went to the doc today and got fairly good news.  He didn't seem too worried about an ulcer or hernia, but rather gave me the blanketed diagnosis of gastroenteritis (which essentially means he's got no clue until he takes a gander at my innards and squeezes all the money he can from insurance company).  I still have to have an ultrasound on Friday morning and go for an endoscopy next Wednesday (yes, the only day I have free from the kiddos and the only day I have to cook my obligated appetizers for Thanksgiving at my mom's).  I have to be put to sleep for it and can expect to be there for 3 hours.  Go me.  At least I'll get to sleep...

But, I'm seriously glad Hubby got the job offer.  As I mentioned, it benefits us all and puts us in a MUCH better position.  We've never been in much debt or lived above our means but it will certainly be nice to be able to put away for college (after all, Murphy wins in the future, too, with three kids in college practically at the same time), retirement (I'll be lucky if I make it), and family vacations (is there even such a thing?).  I might actually can spend a little money on a bra that doesn't scrape a hole in my back or have a strap that constantly falls down my shoulders (does aforementioned seriously even exist?).  That alone is enough to bring out the violence in me.

Better me dealing with Murphy than you, honey.  I'm happy to save you from this never ending torture.  Just remember, a good foot massage always has the potential to set my day right again, no matter how bad it was.  And one day?  If Murphy decides to come back and bite you in the butt...I simply don't know if I'll laugh or cry.

Probably both.


Stacie said...

I know what you mean. I have a husband for whom good luck just falls around him like rain. I am a SAHM too and sometimes life just seems ho hum and I feel like "what the heck am I doing?"

Anonymous said...

I am happy about Hubby's job offers. That is great!! Is he going to be able to get out of gov. contract work? Either way, it is great news!!

Think of it this way, his good fortune will leave you with a few extra dollars just for you ever once in a while. I know exactly what you mean about the bra thing too.

Jennifer Shirk said...

That's great about the hubby's job offer!
My hubby seems to have the Midas touch too. So unfair.

Mandy said...

That is really good news.

Murphey loves me too BTW.

Angela said...

I don't believe in luck or any of that stuff... I think Bryan has the kind of life he has because he's not afraid to take chances.

I remember when he was a kid and he would climb the tallest tree or fling himself backwards off the trampoline- there was no fear of failure there.

It's a great way to live- and I'm glad you and the kiddos are benefitting from it!

Valerie Everhart said...

Maybe you would let me touch him, and the luck would rub off? *grin* even just an ear, or pinky should work! Congrats on the job offers! ps- I wandered over from Jennifer's blog!

Krystyn said...

Sometimes I feel the same way (about Murphy and the Silver platter) with hubby! But, you are lucky to have him. Congrats on the job offers.