Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh Hubby Dear...I do love you.

I don't talk about Hubby very often. Usually not at all because quite frankly he asked me not to. But today, I find myself unable to keep that promise.

Hubby has an odd sense of humor. To be honest, that's part of why I love him so much. For the most part, we mesh quite well in that department. Well, except for movies. He's more of a Jim Carrey or a Adam Sandler kinda guy where I'm more of a realistic kind of humor. But I digress.

The one thing we can always agree on is bodily function humor. I know, all you loyal readers out there probably think I'm obsessed with that. I've said it before. And, maybe I really am, but I simply can't NOT laugh at a kid passing gas, or my husband coming up with new phrases.

He's never been much of a baby person. Cupcake is sleeping through the night now so things are better in our house, but Hubby simply doesn't like the baby stage. He says after 6 months he's ok, but he likes it when he can wrestle with them and rough house. So anytime Cupcake utters a peep he comes up with a new nickname.

The phrase for the day?

Butt Nugget. Butt.Nugget. Cupcake is Daddy's little Butt Nugget.

The second Hubby called her this I couldn't help it. I died laughing. I mean, father's are supposed to be all smitten with their little girls and call them stuff like Princess and Sweetheart or Cupcake. But my hubby with the odd sense of humor?

Butt Nugget.

Sorry, Cupcake. When you read this, I promise this is your father's way of saying I heart you. I see the telltale look in his eyes when you smile at him and despite his effort to the contrary is enjoying every minute of being with you.

I just hope he doesn't call you this on your wedding day...


Mandy said...

Too funny!!! That sounds like a Hubby type nickname ha-ha!!! I need to come see Cupcake, Chicken and Punky and probably there Mom too. What's your nickname?

Jennifer Shirk said...

I really think it's a guy thing--or your hubby and my hubby should get together. LOL!

Krystyn said...

My hubby comes up with silly nicknames for our girls, too!