Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Chicken!

Needless to say, Chicken thoroughly enjoyed his birthday cake.  It was a big difference from Punky bursting into tears last year when I rammed her hand in the cake (she was such a girlie girl!).  I didn't even have to help Chicken out.  He dove right in before we could even light the candle!  

It's hard to believe he's one.  I thought it was such a milestone for Punky.  Chicken still seems so babyish and little to me, Punky seemed grown the moment she turned 6 months old.  But when I really take a good look at him, he's growing up.  He's still little, but he's big for his age and starting to do so much.  

Chicken is walking quite well now, letting go of everything and walking 7-8 steps without help.  He can say mama, dada, all done (allduh), uh oh (uh eeeeeee--still not sure where he got that one from), stop (tah!-wonder why he knows that one?!), no (nawww-again, wonder why he knows that one?) and down (dowww).  At one point he said his Aunt "Lissa's" name (Issa), and his sister's name.  He can put his hands together to pray now most of the time, is eating a lot of table food and almost completely rejecting his baby food.  He wants table food.  All this for a kid with no teeth!

He's growing up and seems to be catching up verbally with where his sister was at this age.  I think she could say about 15 words.  Since boys are slower from what I hear, I'll say he's where he should be for a member of my family.  As soon as we move i'm going to start working a lot with them on letter recognition and other "baby" things so we can get a head start on preschool.  Good luck on that one, right?  ;oD

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was definitely interesting!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I can't believe he's that old either and mine is right on his heels. Have a great week!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Give him a big birthday kiss for me!

OHmommy said...

He had chocolate cake?

You are one brave mama. Give him a birthday hug from my Fifi.