Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just not enough good doctors in the world

Today I took Punky and Chicken for their checkups.  Punky's for her two year check up and Chicken for his 1 year.  I love my doctor.  She's so down to earth and obviously loves kids.  When I get freaked out about anything, she always calms me down and if I don't calm down, she does whatever she thinks will calm me down.  I'll never forget when Chicken was only 3 months old and had a horrible stomach virus.  He would scream every time you picked him up.  what's my first thoughts?  Meningitis of course.  He wasn't throwing up (he had previously, just nothing major), no fever, just screaming when his head or spine moved.  I kept telling my doc that it just seemed like it was all in his spine.  I was convinced of it and nothing she said would calm me down (the first and only time).  She tested him because he wasn't eating and found he was dehydrated and admitted him to the hospital until he got better.  She even asked me during all of this, "Mama's are usually right.  What do you FEEL is wrong with him?"  Of course, being the self proclaimed doctor I am (yeah right), I just told her I really felt like it was in his spine.  So then, she told me that with meningitis, kids run abnormally high fevers and he was barely hitting the 100 mark.  But she further explained to me his blood work showed it was probably just a bug but IF they had to do a spinal tap, here's how it would happen...I'll never forget that moment.  I had a few issues with some of her nurses and had been thinking about going elsewhere, but in that moment, I knew I would stick with her because whatever issues I had with the nurse was worth it to have a doc who listened to me, cared about my babies and wanted them to be healthy.  I haven't been sorry and the nurse I didn't like is no longer there, so it paid off.  ;oD

Turns out, btw, it was just a stomach bug that circled back around our family and got all of us who didn't have it when Chicken had it.  We all threw up with it, but the back pain was the worst part.  So in a way, Dr. Me was right that it was all in his spine.  ;oD

Today, she once again reminded me how great she was with my kids although there wasn't anything overly special about the visit.  She talked to Punky who was nervous to be touched by her since her hospitalization a few months ago.  She calmed her fears and Punky was just fine and even talked to her a little bit.  I was amazed.  Chicken couldn't care less and just wanted the bunny on her stethoscope.  That bunny has saved us many times from a meltdown.

Chicken got two shots and they checked him for anemia, for which he was fine.  My babies are "perfect" as my doc would say.

In other news, I'm starting to get nervous about finding out what this baby is.  Everyone, start chanting "It's a girl, it's a girl" and maybe just maybe we'll get one.  In fact, I was talking to a nurse at the doc's office today who had two brothers and said she always wanted a sister because she didn't have the bond with her two brothers that they had with each other, even though they were close.  In all honesty, I think it'll bother me that it's not a girl, although I certainly won't be upset we're having this baby.  I've just had my hopes set on another girl so Punky can have the sister girls always crave.


Anonymous said...

We are so grateful for the blessing of "perfect children." As for the baby, I hope it is a girl since you want one so bad, but you know whatever it is it will be because that is what God intended for it to be. So, if it is a boy, God has a reason. =-) I can't wait to hear after your doctor's visit next week.

OHmommy said...

Are you going to find out? So exciting.

We love our docs too. It feels good knowing that my children feel comfy around them.

We had our 1 year checkup yesterday too. I cried. I did. And I look really ugly when I cry!