Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Half Naked Chicken

What a morning it's been...or should I say week?  Yesterday, when I should be basking in the enjoyment of finding a new house, getting ready for Chicken's first bday party this weekend, and just enjoying life, I get thrown for a loop with an intense headache and can barely function.  God must have been looking out for me because Hubby came home just as the kids and I woke up from a longer-than-usual afternoon nap.  He told me to go lay down and rest but by then my headache had eased up but I was left with that I'm-going-to-puke-if-someone-farts-crossways feeling that left me very unlike myself.  Hubby even said I wasn't acting like myself.  I guess it's just a pregnant thing.  And wouldn't you know that yesterday would be the very day that the kiddos decide to be the most demonic creatures ever to exist.

So this morning, I wake up with another headache, but it's lessened so far.  I still feel kinda hung over from yesterday but the kiddos are being better today.  But when I went in to get Chicken this is how I found him:

Anyone else thinking it's going to be another long day?  How he managed this, I'll never know. So far this morning he's pulled the wipe warmer on his head, Punky closed his fingers in the toy box, and he's learning how to walk so he has numerous other bumps and bruises that hurt.  And have I mentioned no teeth and he's almost a year old?  I never though I'd have a toothless baby!!!  Here's to just a normal day instead of another yesterday!


Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! You've got a tricky Chicken there!

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the air. Tyler has been like that since yesterday. Here's to a better day tomorrow and a change in whatever is in the air that is making our children act like this.

Stephanie Massey

OHmommy said...


We are celebrating Fifi's 1st birthday too on Saturday. Her real birthday is Sunday. Happy birthday to both of them.

Is it okay for me to cry?