Monday, February 4, 2008

General update

Is there such a thing as peace and quiet?  I know I used to know but now I don't.  A friend of mine and I had started doing "baby swaps" where we take each other kids once a week.  This lasted for three weeks and then she found out she was pregnant with #2.  Congrats to her!  We were going to keep going strong until her #1 decided to come down with a bad case of separation anxiety.  Now he refuses to stay with me.  So I owe her two weeks of keeping him before I can resume my few hours of peace a week.  She was horribly sick with #1, so I pray she won't be with this one, either.  I'm so happy for her!  There is five of us pregnant at our church right now, all between 6 and 15 weeks.

As for this pregnancy, I'm finally feeling somewhat human again.  The nausea is only occasional now and I feel like my energy is working at about 60%.  Better than the 2% it was at a few weeks ago!  I'm feeling the baby move some already.  I'll be 16 weeks on Thursday and I'm already ready for it to be here.  But mostly, I'm ready to find out what it is.  I'm going to need a few months to adjust if we're having another boy!  But since i feel like this is a girl, I'm really hoping it is.  i'd really like the opportunity to give Punky a sister.  I feel like every little girl needs one!  I sure wish I had one!

On the down side, Punky has developed a fever and isn't feeling too good today.  I thought maybe it was her ears, so I took her to the doc today.  It's just a fever virus for now, thankfully no puking.  Although Chicken threw up a little earlier today.  It was more like spit up, but he hasn't done that in weeks, so I figure its just him getting sick, too.  I really hope I don't get it.  I'm tired of feeling bad!

Chicken is now standing on his own.  I caught him today standing up by himself and when I looked over at him, he just grinned like I had caught him red-handed in the cookie jar.  It was so cute.  I know it's only a matter of time before he takes those first steps.  He's certainly not as shy as Punky was.  She didn't walk until 13 months...average by any kid, but she could have done it by 11 if she hadn't been such a chicken.  Chicken still won't walk while you hold his hands very much, but I can tell he's got an adventurous side that's just waiting for the right moment to rear its head...most likely when I least expect it.  I'll probably look up and he'll be running around with Punky in just a few weeks.  Thank goodness though he will be walking before #3 is born!

Oh, and we're STILL WAITING about the house.  It's been a week now!  Thankfully, we're still getting lots of showing.  Six showings in 8 days!

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OHmommy said...

He will be walking before you know it. Probably the same time when you start to do the pregnant waddle. LOL. Right?

Congrats on 16 weeks! And feelig the baby. That is awalsy so nice.