Monday, February 18, 2008

We found it!

Well, we found our dream house!  We got a killer deal on it (Like 20K less than listing price), it's brand new (as in new construction...still has plastic on the carpet!).  It's 2400 square feet, has a study, a dining room, 4 bedrooms with an isolated master (that sold me!), a double sided fireplace and a bar area.  It's soooo cute!  The best part about this is we don't have to do anything ourselves!  That was the bad thing about the house we found earlier that we wanted to renovate.  We would have spent all extra money into renovations.  with this one, we spent more on the total price, but we won't have to do a thing except add a couple of ceiling fans and buy a little more furniture (a little at a time).  The best part is there is farm land just behind the property line so we'll get to wake up to a beautiful view!  Thanks for all the prayers and crossed fingers (oh mommy, you crack me up).  Hope everyone has a great President's Day and a wonderful week!

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OHmommy said...

ahhhhh.... uncrossing my fingers.

You may laugh, but it worked. Yes? LOL. I am so happy for you!