Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tired, random thoughts today.

So for Valentine's Day my Hubby got me some SCRUMPTIOUS Five Roses South African Tea.  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this stuff is.  While enjoying my cup this morning, I was amazing all over again at how incredible this stuff tastes.  It's very smooth and if I do it just right with a little whole milk and sugar, I can easily envision myself bathing in it.  :oD

The friend of our families who passed away recently was born in England and raised in South Africa.  The few times I had tea at her house reminded me that I would love to have some, so Hubby found it online and got it for me for V-day.  It was probably one of the best gifts he's ever gotten me and it even had roses on the box, how appropriate!

This just happened to be on my mind this morning since I can't drink a lot of it right now.  I've discovered I'm highly sensitive to caffeine this pregnancy and drinking this tea in the morning gives me pretty consistent and hard braxton hicks.  At least I'll know what to do when i'm full term.  I've got about 190 out of the 200 packs left so surely 190 packs of tea will put me in labor, right?

Hard to believe I'm only 19 weeks today and I'm already ready for this kid to come out.  I told myself I really wanted to enjoy it and savor it since it better be my last one.  I am, in a way, but I'm just feeling like I've been pregnant for 3 years now (which I pretty much have).  It'll be bittersweet to end this chapter of baby-having in my life, but in another way, I can be a little selfish and start counting down the days where I have just a tad more freedom.  Once they get to the age where they can get their own snacks, poop and pee in the toilet (look out Punky, your diaper-pooping days are limited once we get in our new house!!!), and are a little more self-sufficient I'd like to freeze them and keep them little.  Don't get me wrong, I love the baby stages.  I'm just worn out from them.  I look at Chicken lately and realize he's not much of a baby anymore, how fast it's gone and how much faster it's going to be with #3 and I get sad.  Babyhood is so sweet and innocent but there comes a time I believe in every mother's life that you're just ready to put it behind you.  Of course, then I'll miss it like crazy and beg Hubby to get his impending vasectomy reversed, much like my mother-in-law did to her Hubby.  Since I know Hubby would NEVER go for that, I'll be sad and angry for about a week, then realize it's ok.  My family is complete and I want to be able to give my children the gift of one-on-one time. Three children is pushing it to be able to give them what they need.  But that's all in the future.  I'll deal with it then, because it's bound to happen.  Right now, however, it's the farthest thing from what I want or need.  

Anyway, just a bunch of ramblings from me, today.  The kids have been engrossed in baby einsteins all morning and I got much more packing done yesterday than I would have thought imaginable.  It's the attic I'm worried about....I might get an arm bit off up there when I start going through things and throwing out stuff.  There's probably something furry and mean up there just waiting for me.


OHmommy said...

I too, have been pregnant for what seems like forever. This last year is the longest stretch of being not pregnant.

I have to find me some of that tea. It is really that good? I love tea!

Michele said...

I love tea and now need to go search for yours online - yummy! While lying on the couch in the middle of the night (sick, like everyone else in this town), I watched Alton Brown (Food Network) describe how to make a proper cup of tea, and I am ashamed to say that my method is pathetic compared to his. But it's still yummy nonetheless! :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love those flintstone cars and will search for one at yard sales this summer. Good idea!