Thursday, February 7, 2008

Too good not to post

Ok, so we got a second offer on the house this morning.  It's too good (and funny) to not post right away.

Remember, the first offer, which is still in limbo due to stupid VA financing, was full price of 159,900 and for us to pay all of closing.  We also are volunteering to leave blinds, washer and dryer, and our refrigerator, which is listed in mls.  We countered to these people and they verbally agreed to everything else, as long as they get the financing going.  As soon as that happens, it appears we will more than likely have a contract with them...if this second offer doesn't work out (and I'm thinking it probably won't.)

Keep in mind this is a single woman buying her first home.  I'll give her that much that she doesn't know how this game is played.  Her realtor should have clued her in a little, however.  I'll just post it exactly as it was emailed me this morning:

  • Purchase Price: 155,000 (if my math is correct that's almost 5 g's below our price)
  • Closing Cost paid by seller (yet another $4200 we have to let go putting us at almost and extra $10,000)
  • Closing date 3/21 (well, that's something I guess)
  • 1 year home warranty (pretty common so that'll do)
  • Other contingencies:
  1. Refrigerator to remain (got it)
  2. washer/dryer to remain (yup)
  3. ceiling fans and lights to remain (it gets better)
  4. window blinds and TREATMENTS to remain (she wants my freakin curtains?)
  5. Shelving in garage to remain (well, yeah, it's kinda stuck to the wall so it's gonna stay)
  6. breakfast room table and chairs to remain (What the?  Does she not realize she has to buy something for this new house of hers?)
  7. Riding lawn to remain (now, since this is a piece of junk, I'm ok with leaving it, she'd probably never get it to work anyway.  Hubby is always working on the thing, and he's managed to keep it alive for this long, but it would be satisfying to leave it for her, if nothing else just for grins because she did, after all, ask for it.)
Needless to say, we countered with the same counter we gave the other guys.  Full price offer, half of closing and all the appliances we're leaving.

This girl came by three times with her parents.  That tells me she REALLY wants this place.  If she does, she's going to have to pay up.  I'll wait until April if I have to if it means the other offer goes through ok.  

If she can't afford curtains for the place, doesn't that mean she should probably be looking for something a little less?  Well, I'll be generous and say it's just my immaculate decorating she likes.  But get your own freakin' curtains...AND table and chairs.  You can't have mine.

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