Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 weeks, 1 day to go!

So I get up at 6:15 this morning.  Punky wakes up at 6:40 and brings a dora pull-up into my bathroom where I'm getting ready, telling me how she needs to go potty.  This has been my last ditch effort to see if she magically will decide she's going to pee and poop in the potty for good with no more drama.  She's obsessed with Dora right now.  We tell her Dora doesn't like to get wet or stinky so she has to keep her dry.

I'm out the door by 7:05 with kids in tow.  I pass the gas station about a mile from my house and see my sister-in-law, aka Chicken's morning sitter while I'm at the doc's office, sitting at the intersection.  I burn rubber swinging it in to the gas station and turn around.  We forgot to say who was going to whose house.  Feeling bad that she's had to drive so far this early in the morning, I prepare a list of apologies.  But when I pull up behind her, I just laugh.  We both realize we assumed we were going to the other's house.  Oh well.  Chicken is happy to go back inside with his aunt and Punky and I head to the doc's office.

Once there, Punky is a little angel.  She's always a pretty good kid but she just sat in her chair, and continued to ask me where the doctor was.  Once he came in, she froze up and wouldn't talk to him.  I crack up when I see those little bouts of shyness.

He checked me and I'm 1 cm dilated.  I'm not entirely sure why I'm disappointed.  I mean, it's PROGRESS!  I guess I was just hoping for 2 or 3 (or more).  The contractions I've been having are definitely increasing in intensity and length (a lot more than I ever had with Punky or Chicken), not to mention she's about to fall out.  I just figured it would have done more than a measly 1 cm.  But (sigh, deep breath) it IS progress and hopefully next week it'll be more.  I think because I'm feeling so heavy and big these next 2 weeks are going to feel like 2 years!

Oh, and the keytones are still in my urine.  The nurse said it was less than last week but still indicated I wasn't eating or drinking enough.  HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO EAT, PEOPLE?!  I had not just a bowl but a VAT of macaroni and cheese (spider-man, no less!-and we're talking about 2/3 of the prepared box, not just a little) , a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar and a glass of water before bed alone.  I still haven't gained any weight in 2 weeks.  I'm guessing it's got to be a hydration thing.  I'm eating like a pig, but I've just never been a big drinker.  Soooo, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.  I'm just starting to think they're doing it just to mess with me.  If you know me, you know how much I love my food!  I might not be able to hold as much, but I certainly make up for it either in calories or frequency!


Stephanie said...

Progress is definitely progress though. Now it should start speeding along even further! Exciting!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you what I do for water, but I am more of a drinker than an eater. I have one of those green bottles that holds 32oz of water. I fill it up with filtered water at night and put it in the fridge. The next day I keep it with me all day. I will finish it by the end of the day if not earlier. The more water you drink, the less hungry you are. I have figured out that sometimes when I think I am hungry, I am actually thirsty.
Of course, when I was pregnant no one had to tell me I needed to gain weight. I put on 40 pounds and only lost 20 of those after Ty was born. Ice cream every night is what did it to me. =-)
Good luck with everything and maybe you can put on healthy pounds that the doc wants to see.

Krystyn said...

Hey, I never made it to 1cm on my own (without pitocin), so you're making progress!

And as far as drinking; add some lemon, lime or a little juice to your water. Maybe that will help?

Jennifer Shirk said...

NOT eating or drinking enough?

I drank a lot of lemonade when I was pregnant. And club soda with lime and a hint of cranberry juice. I actually craved those things! LOL!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Yea.... I gain 60 lbs being pregnant.... no matter what I did. I even asked the doc to tel me what to eat and what not ot... didn't help.