Monday, June 23, 2008

Tales of Murphy and Me

For those of you who read me or know me, you know Murphy is my best friend.  Well, this weekend, apparently after being absent for a little while, he decided to be extra clingy and attach himself to my hip.  There was no trip to Birmingham.  Nothing productive happened except a two hour nap on Saturday afternoon.

I won't go into the long story, but summarize to say Hubby had his diaper shower that evening that we had to be back from B'ham for.  There were huge miscommunications all across the board, Hubby didn't check the shower invite until friday night and realized the wedding we were supposed to go to along with the diaper shower started at the same time.  We wound up having to stay here.  Not a huge deal.  We might still go before this baby is born, but Murphy put a good sized whole in my bubble of excitement, so I'm not able to get excited about much right now.

Then, Saturday night a couple of the wives of the hubby's at the diaper shower came over and we watched a movie.  We had a good time and that was the highlight of my weekend.

Then yesterday was a pretty normal day until we got home for lunch.  We cooked a roast in our crock pot.  Apparently cooked isn't quite the word.  We dehydrated it.  It was dry, the potatoes weren't done, and Punky refused to eat.  Never one to allow my kids to say no to eating a certain thing, we had to discipline Punky for "cheeking" her food and not swallowing it.  After getting a little bit down her, I decided Hubby had to take care of it.  I was losing my temper with her and I put my own plate up and went to bed for a 3 hour nap.  She finally had to go down for her nap hungry.  Now I totally get that it wasn't a good roast.  But Chicken was chowing away at it and Punky was getting an attitude about it and decided to start trying to negotiate.  As in, "I'll just drink some of my apple juice to help me chew it," she would say.  But she downed a third of it and still wasn't swallowing.  I don't do negotiation with a two year old!

Then, a very uncomfortable moment happened last night.  Now, I've been pregnant THREE times in three years.  Not once have I felt uncomfortable about another woman touching my belly.  But another man?  To be honest, I didn't have a clue what to say to him.  He walked up to me and one of my pregnant friends as we were talking with both hands out and said, "Can I rub the bellies for good luck?"  We just stared at him.  We looked at each other and then stared at him some more.  Get the hint, dude.  But he.didn't.leave.  He just stood there continuing to hold out his hands and wait for our answer.  I finally said, "go for it" just to get him to leave and he patted my stomach and my friend covered hers up and said, "No, sorry."  Feeling like I had just been violated, I looked at my friend with an incredulous look as he walked away.  I mean, did that really just happen?  Will he ask to touch my boobs when I'm breast feeding in a few weeks because they're bigger than normal?! 

Don't get me wrong, this guy is super nice but more than once I've gotten the impression he doesn't think a whole lot before he talks.  And I know all about that because Murphy controls my tongue half the time.  Now, in the two weeks I have left, I will simply refer him to Hubby's bald head for good luck.  After all, Murphy isn't Hubby's best friend like he is mine.

Today starts VBS at church, so we'll see if Murphy has a religious streak or not.


Stephanie said...

That creeps me out. During my pregnancy, no man ever asked to touch my belly. That would be - awkward! Hopefully that doesn't happen again. How insane!

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart!! Tell Murphy to get a new best friend, you need a break. If only that were an option. It sounds like you guys managed to salvage the weekend and still have some fun. I hope VBS goes great for you and you have enough energy to get through it.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I agree with Stephanie... I wasn't much for people touching :)

Mandy said...

Murphy DOES have a new best friend and that would be ME!!! We bought a very nice and expensive gazebo from Kohl's that I put together myself. :)
Anyway the bad thing would be that we got to enjoy it one whole day before having a small thunderstorm that lifted it and flipped it totally off of our deck and into the trampoline and our house and netting ripped up on the roof. The frame is all bent up and insurance will cover it IF we pay the HUGE deductible that costs triple what it retailed for. So here we are stuck with it. On the upside though, the canopy part is not damaged and Hubby said that he 99.9% positive that he can weld everything back together and it be perfect again. Anyway, that's my life for this week.

DanielB said...

Ok this is not Daniel even though it says it is, this is Marie :-)
Lol I have a pretty good guess as to who this gentleman might be lol, when I was preggy the first time he asked to rub my belly ... but I was only like 8 weeks so NO BELLY yet , yea it was weird. Oh well :-)

see ya tomorrow at VBS