Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Update

So my weekend was actually fun!  We got to spend some time with some of Hubby's high school friends and it was so refreshing to be around other parents who share the same discipline beliefs.  They have the cutest little boys, too.  I think Punky might have formed a crush on the middle one and definitely loved being around their baby.  They both loved playing in their sandbox, too.  Too bad it was 400 degrees outside!

On Sunday, Hubby's grandmother came into town for 10 days.  I have her only great granddaughters, so she doesn't get to see them much.  She now has 5 great grands (not counting the one about to be born), and Punky is the only female.  The other funny part is Hubby's sisters are the only female granddaughters.  I guess it's a genetic thing!

On a side note, I've been having some pretty major contractions.  In general, as I've mentioned I haven't been feeling the best.  Headaches, intestinal issues, heartburn, etc, etc, etc.  It's not going away but instead staying the same or maybe a little worse.  I'm convinced this is my body preparing for labor.  I tracked my contractions last night and I was having them every 4-7 minutes.  I haven't felt many this morning, but these are the hard, crampy type contractions and not just the pressurized non-painful braxton hicks I usually have.  It'll be interesting to see if I'm dilated or effaced next week at my doc's appointment.  He starts checking me at 34 weeks, so I'm ready to know if I'm making any progress.  As slow as my other two labors were, I'm not panicking that this kid is going to fall out any time soon, but it would be nice if I could go on my own instead of being induced.  I guess time will tell!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I'm off to down some Maalox!


Stephanie said...

Oh yay! Not much longer now!! How exciting :)
I hear ya with the 400 degrees outside...geez!

Mandy said...

Glad you had fun this weekend. Man, the heat was unreal that's for sure!!!

That may be what intensified your contractions and needing to drink more water.

Anyway, we are definitely looking forward to meeting this new baby girl whenever she decides to get here. :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ooh, it's coming up sooner than I thought! :)