Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Light switches and pinches

Punky's newest trick is turning lights on and off in her bedroom while she plays.  Occasionally she and Chicken will play "House" in her room.  Chicken plays the daddy and sits on the bed while Punky puts the babies to sleep and covers them up.  It's sweet to watch, but occasionally I worry about all the girlie things he will be subjected to.  So far his favorite toys are Punky's pink diaper bag, her pink princess ball, and her baby dolls.  I keep telling myself it's just going to make him a good father...right?  Anyway, I digress...

So one night, I keep hearing Punky kicking around in her room, talking and singing to herself.  I ask Hubby to go in and read her her rights.  He walks in and calls to me, "Goober!  You left her light on, no wonder she's not asleep!"  Whaaaaa?  I am getting pretty pregnant, but I don't think I've gone completely stupid.  Yeah, the little weasel had turned her light on, a fact I didn't realize until the next day or two, when lights were mysteriously turning on in our house, particularly Punky's room.  Then I caught her in the act, red handed, hand in cookie jar, er, on light switch.

So today I opened her blinds wide, told her to leave the light off.  A few minutes later I hear Chicken screaming his head off and run to check on him and there Punky is, holding his arm skin in a death pinch because he dared touch one of her "sleeping" babies.  I disciplined her, explained to her that her behavior wasn't the way good girls act and firmly told Chicken to not bother Punky's babies.

The rest of the morning, I promise you, Chicken pulled Punky's hair at every given opportunity.  I'm convinced he was doing it because not only did she pinch him, but he got in trouble, too.  That little booger understands so much more than we give him credit for.  I'm dealing with some fiesty kids days!

Not only am I about to have a higher electric bill, this rivalry wasn't supposed to happen so soon!  And my sweet Punky was never supposed to learn how to pinch.  If she starts biting, I'm biting back.  End.of.story.


Anonymous said...

The biting back thing works. Marc's mom said he bit her and she bit back and that was the end of his biting.
Just think of what you have to look forward to when both of them, or better yet, all three of them can talk. Then you will get to add tattling and yelling. Oh the fun stuff parents get to go through.

Krystyn said...

Oh, sibling rivalry...trouble!

Turning the lights on is trouble, too! Do they make safety covers for them?

Stephanie said...

Oh goodness...I have flashbacks to me and my sister. It lasted years. I wish you the best of luck... But the good news is that we are now best friends :)