Monday, June 16, 2008

Gearing down at 34 weeks...

I thought I would include some pictures of Punky making Hubby his Father's Day present.  We did painted handprints of both of the kids.  She loved mixing all the colors together on her handprint.  She was quite upset with me when I deemed it done.  My kitchen table was at risk of becoming metallic purple, pink and orange.  But Hubby loved it and took it to work with him this morning to display.  Chicken did one, too, but didn't paint.  His little handprint turned out perfect and I hated for his little fat rolls to disappear underneath the paint.  It'll be a nice keepsake to look at years from now.

On the pregnancy front, is it possible for a kid to fall out?  No, I'm serious.  I NEVER did this with Punky or Chicken.  All I can say is thank goodness for kegel exercises 'cause right now it feels like those muscles are the only thing holding her in.  I start getting checked by my OB tomorrow.  After I went in for monitoring and was a fingertip dilated, I'm hoping I've made some progress since last week.  Even if it's slow, I want to have the chance to go on my own.  And since my morning sickness is trying to come back, I've got WAY more energy than I should at this stage, she's dropped, and many more signs that tells me I'm gearing down for the big day, I'm hoping this is a good sign.

And still no names.  I'm soooo tempted to name her Bertha when he leaves the room.  It's a family name after all (my grandmother, but she hated it).  Maybe if I insist, Hubby will get serious about picking out a name.  He does read this blog, everyone, so leave him some "encouraging" comments to get his butt in gear about helping me name this kid!


lottery tickets said...

Well done for this wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't you even have a few names floating around in your head besides Bertha or at least an equally cute name for this one as you have for the others? You can do it!! Start brainstorming and make lists. I am a list maker. That is how we picked out Tyler's name. We narrowed a list down little by little. My girl name - not that there will be a girl - is Alison Rae to be called Ali. Of course, when you get to the 3rd child in 3 years, I am sure the creativity level for names diminishes. Good luck!! =-)

Hubby said...

I work best with a tight deadline ;o)

Mandy said...

Oooohhh!!! I love that!!! Alison Rae sounds really cute!!!!

Yeah, you need to hurry up on the name picking HUBBY. That is stressful going in with no name.

Sadie Bug ended up having a different nickname after we were in the hospital than she had before we got there. I let him pick the middle name. After the good medication I was a little more lax about it. :)

Krystyn said...

Love the hand print idea... I might have to do that next year. Hubby got a bit spoiled this year.

Well, I've heard that kid #3 feels like they are at your knees at 20 weeks, so I can understand!

As far as the names, we go through the alphabet and we each have to come up with a name for that letter. It has worked both times.

Stephanie said...

What a cute idea for a gift for Father's Day! I'm sure he loved it!

34 weeks - yeah, I cannot say I envy you at this time. I remember being there. Not fun. But I was on bedrest. Be thankful! Hopefully things will progress quickly from here on out!

Just make a list of names you like and tell him he has to pick one or you will :) Done! Haha!